Hey beautiful

You don’t believe me you think it’s a lie

You shrug your shoulders and let out a sigh

You don’t compete with the image of beauty in your mind

The image whose norms were determined by the society

You think the definition of beauty I have is merely a joke

But darling beauty is redefined every time you walk out a door

Beauty is redefined every time a soul is born

If only you could look at yourself through my eyes

If only you could let go of the insecurities clouding your mind

You’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty that emanates off you

Every time you smile, your nose crunches up

The dimple on your chin lingers for a while

So you need to believe me when I call you beautiful

Because their might be someone falling in love with your gestures

Finding beauty in the darkest parts of you

So you need to look at yourself and tell yourself you’re beautiful

Because before everybody else you need to believe in you

And maybe then you can go live up to a poem that was written

Entirely for


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