He loves a girl with vacant eyes,
Ocean blue and gloomy like a willow. 

He loves a girl with blood drench scars, 
Deep, painful and scarlet glow.

He loves a girl with mournful past, 
Who cries at night and hides under a mask. 

She is loved by a boy with smile so wide, 
Words like sitar and dreamy eyes. 

She is loved by a boy who paints canavas, 
Every piece depicts every angle of her face. 

She is loved by a boy with strong commitments, 
Who wants to heal and love every inch of her. 

She is a living corpse and he is an angel with human body, 
She loves to bleed and he loves to heal. 

She falls into deep holes, 
He pulls out her raged soul. 

She wants to close her eyes, 
He gives her a reason to stay alive. 

Their love is difficult but he knows how to hold on, 
And so he embrace her pain with open arms.

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