It was a cloudy day and the reddish clouds were all over the sky. The fresh breeze was breezing and it seems like it is going to rain any moment. It was a blessing as the weather was getting really hot these days. It was the mid of April and summers are coming in full force and is spreading unhappiness among people as summers aren’t popular in this region. There was so much work load these days that he has to work for hours and hours in the constraint of his room. The day and night along with dates and days were just words to him as all he does is work these days with no proper routine. When he get tired, he sleeps and get back to work after getting up again. It was true that he was working with his sweat and blood these days. This kind of routine brings so many sad things and he was feeling frustrated and the mental tiredness was enveloping him. He wanted a break so after years he decided to go to the roof and have some time off his work.

There was a time when summers like these were time of excitedness. He used to wait for summers to come as it was the only time of the year where there was no school and all they have to do is to enjoy life for months. The summer break was a blessing.  He used to save money for the summers and used to practice cricket religiously because summers means going to his cousin’s house for one month and cricket was the hottest thing to do in summers. The money was important because he need to buy tennis ball and tape of two colors to complement the ball. The money requirement wasn’t much as it comes in the form of savings of mere five or ten rupees and just saving of hundred rupees was enough for them to go with the summer fun. One of the most interesting thing to do with that money was to buy a game CD from a local gift shop that they will play for the whole summers hoping that the CD they will buy will not only read by their CD-ROM but the game will also get to run after installation. It was a real trouble at that time.

The nights were really special as they used to go for walk in the streets or play some game that involve running in the streets or cycling. It was really the most special time of the year. They used to talk, the cousins and talk about all the stuff without any hint of embarrassment, the things they can’t dare to talk about anymore because they are so stupid but it was fun at that time because they were allowed to be naïve and all of them, used to talk about stupid stuff and not feel bad about it. They used to talk about their crushes which was really rare at that time as they used to study in boys school and there weren’t many places to have crushes so usually celebrities were doing the job for them and at times teachers. They used to connect in ways which isn’t even possible anymore. All of their universe was revolving around those days and all the enlightenment and life goals used to be a thing of that time. Life was really good and to compliment that they can have ice cream in 5rs. They also can have ice cream in 2rs but Walls stopped selling that solo ice cream in a short time but choc dip was the savior and in five rupees it was a delight and when they have extra money they can have choc bar, it was of ten rupees. Sometime some elder get to buy them ice-cream and it was the time where they can either have feast or Panda ice-cream.

The rain started to fall down. It wasn’t proper rain though just light drizzle. He never liked to walk in rain or even get wet because rain was cold and it made him uncomfortable but today things have changed and he wanted to feel the rain and get all drenched but the rain wasn’t ready to come down anymore and the drizzling drops weren’t enough to even call it a rain. Life goes in weird ways, the summer is still approaching and there is no more the concept of summer vacations anymore. Nothing is same anymore. One can’t even imagine those vacations because now it means to have unpaid months where all you will have to do is to get to hear the complaining family members as to why you are not working. Even going back to the cousin’s house isn’t the same, some of those lovely people aren’t alive anymore and some of the beloved cousins are married and are living in different cities but even with the cousins available, it is not the same anymore. It is like the essence of life was back in that time and now we can have loads and loads of good moments but they will always be moments and not more.

He looked at the sky. He was feeling relieved and somewhat happy even though when he came up and all the thoughts started coming to him, he was quite sad and emotional but now the same thoughts and emotions are making him happy and he have no idea to how and why but who cares. This is what breaks are anymore, he thought. There aren’t places where you can get to share your emotions or do something stupid and feel happy anymore so thinking about that time is all that is needed to be happy I guess. There is so much work that there gets no spare time for emotions and  he have no idea to why emotions and memories came in when all he planned was to just have a walk on the roof top. This is how life is anymore and this is not just the story of him, he thought as we all can relate to this story in one way or other. Maybe there is something wrong with adulthood and they all are doing it the wrong way but when one gets to think about such thing, no one gets to have spare time to share the thought so it is all a brew of heart that everyone gets to feel but it never gets out. Life shrinks to happy moments which are meeting with a friend or family member for small time or having a good meal anymore and we feel it or not but this is all the good time we can have. Responsibilities and Stress have encapsulated us and the adulthood is consuming us with all our memories and life that goes in every single vein of our body till the time we ourselves become a memory to be remembered only in such moments by people who have had good times with us to a point we will fade away but for now, the break time can’t be extended and even though the wind is getting swift, it is time to get back in the work mode and be back in the race of earning money, money that can’t even buy happiness.  It was time to get back to his room and imagine that the break was really productive and enough to calm down the misery of life.
PhotoCredits: Zohaib Ahmed

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