Happiness Returns // Aimen Iqbal

The dusk came,

Lost all its hues, the sky

The demons were set free,

Black wings began to fly.

I hid in a corner

So afraid of the storm

The agony mixed with air.

Rushed in each lung 

The memories vanished with a thwack,

The pictures fall off, which was once hung.

The night was there,

The gray branches bare,

The echoing howl 

Replenishing my fear.

I swerve, I cry 

When will this be gone away?

My every breath was going astray.

My body cringed

When will this vanish and disappear?

Cosmic strength

But unable to any longer bear.

I could die or try

How longer will I hide?

Shivering, I still tried.

I stood and fell of the dark around

But I stood again, I needed the light to be found.

Suddenly then through the eastern windows,

Hied towards the dark room, a light.

I was able to stand up

It kept returning my sight.

The colors were all back again

The trees weren’t anymore mundane.

My lips got the energy

To work against gravity

So then smiled I.

My bosom exploded

At the brightness of the sky.

It was all changing, I don’t know how

As if a wand had been twirled 

Magic on Earth, did God allow?

But then sooner or later, realized I

To return, 

My happiness needed me to try.

Behind all that mess,

Kept waiting for me;

Was My happiness.

Happiness Returns // Aimen Iqbal

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