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Depression Kills // H. Jaweria Mansoor

Once I saw a fairy on land of devils

Her giggles were like antiseptic pills

Her heart was as pure as driven snow

Her lips were full, a perfect bow

Just a glimpse of her pretty smile

Made me loose my senses for a while

Her magnetised, sparkling hazel eyes

Blitz my heart & made me surprise

She was like a beautiful fantasy

The reason of my ultimate ecstasy

But as soon as I went close

 I found her despondent like dying rose

Her hazel eyes were filled with salty tears

Seemed like in pain which she couldn’t bear

I wondered if she was okay

I asked for her consent to stay

She let me sit and apprise of her story

Alas! I felt my heart bursting of agony

“I am scared of living this life anymore
diving in the ocean Of woe having no shore

close all the doors and make it my cell

Let me enter my own constructed dark hell”

She screamed, “I’m in an infinite pain

Please leave me dear migraine!

She inhaled peace while exhaling the pain out

Depression was gone as battle was fought

She closed her eyes and the darkness enclosed her

I agitated but….she was gone forever

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As serne as water in a midnight scene, as dreadful as a horror mistery, your flow is an art of monoply, stay bessed and keep up the magnificent deed…


Thank you so much ❤