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Gripping Productivity // Hamza Kazi

Gripping Productivity // Hamza Kazi

In today’s world in which everybody is striving to do more in less time, achieve more with minimum effort. Our self-conscience, priorities and time management plays a key role in our success. The world is full of chaos, most of the people feel they have no time to relax, revise their plans and live a balanced life.

Some people curse themselves for being passive, unproductive; while some want to be workaholic. Very few of the people who are passive and lazy, own their failures while the rest of them take out their frustration verbally on government, weather, financial conditions, health, etc…They don’t mind procrastinating, they don’t learn from their mistakes, they don’t read and have absolutely no intentions to move ahead. These are the people who find reasons to delay, instead of acting. These are the people who always see the glass as half-empty rather than seeing it as half-filled.

At the same time, we have some workaholics also living on the very same planet as well. These are the people who believe the more they work, the more productive they will be considered— who cares about health, family and some rest for both mind and body. Usually, workaholic people have very poor family life, with their hectic schedules, their short temper because of the immense stress they take. Some workaholics may have an abundance of luxuries, but they will never be able to learn the real meaning of life. Their family life is very likely to be poor. Most of the workaholics rarely spend time with family. What’s the use of these luxuries when you don’t get a chance to dine with the family at least once in a week? when you have no time to read to your kids, listen to them, guide them when they are going through the learning phase of their life.

Now, let’s come to the point what productivity is. A productive person delivers his best at work but gives equal time to the family. Yet he manages stress better than the workaholics and of course procrastinators. These are the people who manage their time and focus diligently. They understand that whatever they are going through and their luxuries/adversities are the consequences of their actions and habits. They constantly look to improve by investing in themselves; they discover their passion and innate skills— what they love doing. A productive person understands it whatever he is doing is for the betterment of his family and if the family remains unsatisfied then all his efforts are in vain. A productive person never procrastinates; having a vision and unambiguous goal constantly pushes him towards productivity because of the rewards he has had envisioned earlier.  Here are the key traits of productive people:


– Focused

-Never procrastinate

-Unambiguous goals

-Balanced life (give equal time to both family and work)


-Do not fret about things they cannot control

-Focus only on what they can control

Gripping Productivity // Hamza Kazi

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