God of the Peak // Amit Sukhani

The world is a circle with happenings of many things: Small and big. Humans are the part of this circle and these happenings. However, big things do not exist without small: Small makes big and big contains smalls for instance: Small drops make big ocean or one building is made up of small bricks and a brick itself is made up of clay so without smalls big is not possible. What we humans do is that we do not value small things although we want big things. We directly focus on big things rather achieving small-We forget easily that small step leads to big and instead we keep on trying our hands to gain big things instead of touching small and this takes us to failure.

Let’s have a story about two friends how they value and devalue the things in their life and how they get lesson:

There were two friends who were very candid to each other, named John and Michel. They both were very different to each other-John was financially poor while Michel was well settled financially-but their difference did not dent their friendship. John used to believe in perfection and did not follow shortcuts-He believed, “Whatever task you want to do, do it with perfection-You should not search shortcut for that task.” On the contrary, Michel believed in shortcut of any task he wanted to do. He did not do anything with perfection but always did everything in a way that he felt easiness.

Once upon a time they were hanged out at some mountain area where they met one devout person who was busy in his religious preaching. They tried to talk with him, and he responded very well. They did a lot of conversation with him and in between he told them, “There is one God known as ‘God of the peak’ who dwells on the top of mountain and if someone approaches Him then He gives him whatever be wished. However, the mountain is too high to be climbed by anybody, and it contains two hundred stairs with dreadful uphill to reach on the top and till today no one got success to do it. The incline is so terrible that every single person who tried got slipped.” To listen that they both with fearful eyes competed each other to reach on the top and to get that wish from the God. So, they chose their way individually. As John was a believer of perfection so he started to climb from the stairs while Michel did not do this. Michel got shocked to see that two hundred stairs and left to climb from that.  As Michel was financially well settled so he arranged a helicopter to reach on top. He reached very easily on top by the help of helicopter and rope. When Michel reached, John was on 50th stair and got slipped from that terrible uphill but he didn’t give up and restarted from that. Michel tried to search God for whom he was there. He searched a lot but could not find.  After long time, John finally after lot of slips touched his feet on the top, but he was very tired that his eyes got closed and fell on the top. Afterwards his unconsciousness, one friar with long beard and hair came to him and helped him to get back to the consciousness.

John opened the eyes and witnessed that long beard friar.

“Who are you?”, John asked.

“I am who for whom you climbed two hundred stairs.”, Friar replied.

“Oh my God! Are you the God of the peak who fulfils wishes who approaches you?”, John asked.

“Yes, my son.’ Friar replied.

Suddenly Michel reached and listened their conversation.

“Why did you not meet me though I am the first one who reached here?”, Michel refuted to Friar.

“You better know yourself how you reached here”, Friar replied.

“You know why you and many people did not succeed to approach me?”, Friar asked from Michel.

“I do not know why only John approached you. Why couldn’t I?”, Michel replied in a creepy manner.

“Many people have tried their best to climb on the top through stairs but couldn’t reached at the top. Some people have reached at the top, but they did not use the stairs but followed another way where they felt easiness as you did by adapting helicopter. I am known in the public as ‘God of the peak’ but no one knows I am the ‘God of the small things’. I always approach those people who prefer these stairs to climb rather using any other easy shortcut. This peak exists because of the bottom and every single part from the bottom. I do not appreciate those who just strive for peak but those who prefer every part from bottom to reach at the peak. Unfortunately, I did not witness any person to do what I wanted till John reached-John climbed all the stairs to approach me even after lot of slips and from that he proved that he validates small things in his life. From your doings, it is proved that you just want to reach at the destination without mattering which way you prefer-You just want big things in your life without touching small things. I prefer those who embrace small as John.” Friar said earnestly.

In this way John got their wish and Michel failed. However, this did not affect their friendship. Michel started to value small things and stopped shortcuts for ease.

The story of John and Michel to approach God conveyed the best lesson that: Do not be fanatics of big things that you stop embracing small. Yes, we should strive for big but not by forgetting smalls who make big. We often become addictive of humongous stuffs and this leads us to let ourselves tread every small on the track. What if mason only thinks about building high mansion without thinking about bricks? What if one thinks only about becoming CSS officer without thinking about passing inter or bachelor exams? Big becomes fancy once we forget small. To convey this lesson of appreciating small things to the huge universe, let’s have a small step by convincing ourselves to appreciate it. So, let’s embrace every meagre thing and make it the gigantic.

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Jotish raja
10 months ago

Wow. Such a great piece of writing, its not only a story , but a deep life changing lesson is portrayed too using very simple words.. Welldone man.. Keep continue❤