// From death with love

It wasn’t chaotic.

It was calm and serene,

like the ocean.

the soft pitter-patter

of the rain on the roof,

and the cool air it brought.

it was a sip

of freshly brewed coffee,

natural with no additives,


the gut feeling

of knowing where home was.

and that is how

you came into my life.

the star that shines the brightest

amongst the pitch-black sky.

it’s the white cloud that outshines

all the grey and gloomy ones.

the perfect fit of the last piece

to the unfinished puzzle.

it’s the warm, fuzzy feeling

of getting into bed

early on a Friday night.

and that is how it was

when I started loving you.

it’s like a deeply cut wound,

one that’s inundating

with crimson coloured blood,

having a tinge of maroon.

it induces pain

with every inbreathe

and exhalation.

it manages to have

the appearance of a scar,

yet it still feels so fresh

like a bruise.

and that is how it felt

when you left.

it was filled with haze

and suffocation.

the uncontrollable fast paced beat

of your heart.

Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile,

one that is hardly understood

by majority of the world.

a bite of dark chocolate,

bitter and sweet.

and this is my survival.

// From death with love

Featuring: Hamza Kazi

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