IT’S HAPPENING. f the title isn’t already self-explanatory, FRIENDS announced a reunion!!!!

THE FRIENDS REUNION IS HAPPENING!!!!! (The more exclamation marks you add, the more excited you are, ya get me?)

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, and just went like:

“Who are the friends?”“Are we talking about my group of friends?”

Don’t worry because,

I’m here to explain everything, from A to Z

At least you have friends, I’m getting hyped up over this alone. (Do you relate? Leave a comment to let me know!)

What is FRIENDS?

FRIENDS announced a reunion

FRIENDS is a comedy/romantic TV show which first aired back in 1994. It features six characters as they live their life as reckless adults with a lot of things happening on the way.

Due to its recognition and fame, FRIENDS went on to air a total of 10 seasons with 236 episodes. 

Yeah you heard me right,

236 episodes.

*Poke* time to start binge watching *poke*

Because we, at The Meraki sure have. 

The cast

To make this bit easier (and to convince you to binge watch FRIENDS for the next few days), I’ll be naming all the characters from the iconic tv show… THROUGH GIFS!

FRIENDS announced a reunion

So, here is the cast of FRIENDS, explained through gifs:

Rachel Green

 Played by Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Green is everyone’s favorite FRIENDS character.


Because she’s loyal has great cooking skills and best of all,

FRIENDS announced a reunion

Her humor and sarcasm are unmatched.

FRIENDS announced a reunion


  Played by Matt LeBlanc, Joey comes next in the cast of FRIENDS. Even if you haven’t watched the show, you probably know him from the iconic line:

FRIENDS announced a reunion

 You can hear it, can’t you?? You can hear that accent and that tone. I see you doing it hehe.

If you watch (or have watched) FRIENDS then you know that Joey is most famously known for his love for food.

FRIENDS announced a reunion

This probably makes him the most relatable character because……


Monica Geller

Monica Geller is played by Courtney Cox and is known to have an OCD for staying organized, always keeping things clean and for being very bossy. (If you have an elder sibling, they’re probably the same too).

FRIENDS announced a reunion
FRIENDS announced a reunion

Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing is played by Matthew Perry. In the series, he is Joey’s best friend and is known to be consistently sarcastic. 

Chandler is a character most of us can relate to. Why? Because… well:

FRIENDS announced a reunion

Chandler is me, Chandler is you, Chandler is all of us.

And if that doesn’t make him the most relatable FRIENDS character, he also has bad dancing skills.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

FRIENDS announced a reunion

If this isn’t all of us at any desi wedding, then I don’t know.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay is played by Lisa Kudrow, And in the show FRIENDS she is apparently the dumbest of the group.

She is a guitarist and is known for her weird lyrics.

FRIENDS announced a reunion

She is, to say the least, a very interesting character.

FRIENDS announced a reunion

If all the characters above weren’t enough to convince you to binge watch FRIENDS (or bring back memories if you already have watched it). Don’t worry! There is one more character!

Ross Geller

 Ross is portrayed by David Schwimmer and is honestly that one friend of the group who is always goofy and smart.

FRIENDS announced a reunion

Ross, if you didn’t know is Monica’s older brother. In the show FRIENDS if I am being honest, he doesn’t really have a best friend or anything, but he is still an amazing character.

FRIENDS announced a reunion

Which of the six characters do you think you relate to more? Let us know!

FRIENDS announced a reunion

So now that I’ve given you an overview, let’s move onto the part where I fangirl.

What’s all the FRIENDS Reunion Hype About?

To understand the hype, you need to know how big of a deal this is for the fans of FRIENDS.

The last episode of FRIENDS was aired in 2004.

And *checks calendar* it is currently 2020.

That’s 16 years.

And in that amount of time, people usually move on and forget about previous series. 

But that was not the case with FRIENDS.

Here’s a graph to show you what I mean:

FRIENDS just announced a reunion and we cannot!!

Google analytics shows that…. Well no one ever stopped googling FRIENDS REUNION. 

Every year, a few dozen people continued to google, hoping and praying that there would be a FRIENDS reunion.

And all hope was lost until…..

FRIENDS just announced a reunion and we cannot!!
FRIENDS just announced a reunion and we cannot!!
FRIENDS announced a reunion
FRIENDS just announced a reunion and we cannot!!
FRIENDS announced a reunion

This happened.

All the cast members of FRIENDS posted a picture from a previous photoshoot captioned ‘it’s happening..’ 

The big news confirmed an official reunion. It was described as being an unscripted talk-show.

All the cast members of FRIENDS are set to return to stage 24 in the warner bros studio, the same one they used 16 years ago *squeals*

Everyone is beyond excited and honestly, it’s only a matter of time before we absolutely lose our chill.

This feels like a big Pakistani wedding (minus the part where we have to actually make an effort and get ready).

Nope, we can just cosy up in our pajamas and become burritos while watching the much-awaited FRIENDS reunion!

So far, we only know it is set to air somewhere in May, but no other official announcements have been made.

But we, at The Meraki will make sure we alert you guys on any announcements because, let’s be honest, we’re just as excited! 

Be sure to stay tuned for any updates on the reunion of this iconic show!

Staff Writer: Sarah Salman

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