The basic rights and the freedom of every kind were guaranteed by the constitution of our beloved country Pakistan. These fundamental rights include; freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion and many more. Sadly, the country we live in today fails to provide most of these. The most important one being, freedom of religion.

forced conversion in pakistan

Forced conversion in Pakistan is growing with each passing day on a really high rate. There used to be a time when people rarely heard about someone forcedly being converted to Islam. It used to be both shocking and termed as a disgusting act. But with the passage of time, instead of getting control over this cruel crime, it has only increased. Hundreds and thousands of people, especially girls, are not only abducted but also forced to convert their religion. After doing so they are almost always married off to Muslim men far elder than them.

Cases to look upon:

  1. The cases of forced conversion in Pakistan reached their peak when a 13-year-old Christian girl Aarzoo Masih was recently abducted when she was playing outside her home. The little girl was then forcedly converted to Islam and gotten married to 44-year-old Ali Azhar.

Upon filing the complaint, the court had a hearing of the case and declared that

Arzoo ‘willingly‘ converted to Islam and married the man.

The parents and daughter both kept crying for justice but nobody heard them.

2. Back in 2019, 14-year-old Parsha Kumari was kidnapped from Khairpur and then married to a Muslim man Abdul Saboor. When the investigation started, the girl’s parents provided proof that she was a minor. But a “free will affidavit” from the kidnapper husband said that the girl was 18 and was capable to make her own decisions.

3. Another case of forced conversion in Pakistan saw Huma Ahmed, a 14-year-old Christian girl who was abducted and then forcefully converted to Islam. The girl is even pregnant as a result of rape. While the parents are still struggling to free their daughter by showing her birth certificate to confirm that she is below 18 years of age.

Government of Pakistan refused to acknowledge the fact and claimed that she willingly converted and married the guy as

She already had her first period, which makes her a “grown-up.”

Protests over Forced Conversion in Pakistan

After the recent case of Arzoo Masih was reported and the court declared it ‘legal’, the public of Pakistan had been very furious. This injustice sparked a wave of rage in public.

forced conversion in pakistan

The human right activists also stated that the minorities of the country cannot spend their lives in constant fear of being abducted, converted, raped and forcibly married.

Why are the rights of minorities being sacrificed?

According to a report, about 1000 girls are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan every year.

Considering this, all of these things point towards the fact that minorities are absolutely not safe in Pakistan. They are not allowed to practice their own religion nor are they free to go to their mosques or any other place of worship as Quaid wanted. Not only this, their reputation and lives are also at stake.

It’s high time for all of us. Imposing Islam on a non-Muslim does not in any way reflect how it is better than other religions. If anything, it only gives off the image that Muslims are extremists and Pakistan is a country where justice is not served.

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