“Flowers are the art of nature”.


The bloom of flowers is an artful sight. They are gorgeous, colorful, sweet and gentle blooms in the garden which make us happy, relaxed and refreshed. They depict the true beauty of nature. They shower the true beauty of the world. Flowers are happiness shared with everyone whoever sees them. They are the way of sharing love not only with living people but the loved ones — who depart from this world — on their coffins and graves.

Flowers are universal welcome, identified on and our moods. Life is having a flower next to you just to change your inner nature and feel the feeling of being loved by a long distance friend.

Flowers are pretty cool. They are just like another heart but unlike the heart which beats inside of us.

Beautiful garden of colorful flowers

They don’t beat or help us breathe but their fragrance is next to our heartbeat. They make us feel alive and new.

I always had a doubt as to how did people love change? The ones who used to be in love with their boyfriends and girlfriends, now are in deep love with moon, stars, sky.

Oh! Wait, there’s one more pure form of love which I found. Love with flowers! But how did this form of love started creating feelings inside a person’s heart?

Ever heard of one-sided love? The one in which you keep staring a person from a long distance or keep stalking that person’s profile for hours.

This one-sided love is with flowers.

In a garden, they are arranged in an artistic way. Flowers are the symbol of the creation of God and a proof that He exists and I can see God in them. They bring peace to people and are the symbol of love and hope for humanity.


Try holding a sunflower in your hand, hold it for 4 minutes, a sweet fragrance will stay in your hand for hours. But what happens from that?

That fragrance carries life which is long and everlasting. It spreads rapidly. Try to keep a flower in a room.

Lock the room and open the room after 30 minutes and see how you find yourself hypnotized with that fragrance. You never know what a flower has in it.

It has the strength to kill anyone, it has the strength to heal any heart. Drugs make you feel amazing?

Why don’t you try smelling the fragrance which comes out of a flower and see the world getting more beautiful?

It’s also obvious to recognize the fragrance of flowers while passing through and it’s extremely difficult to get over it. The fragrance of flowers makes the garden the place of delight.

No matter what type of flower is, a flower is a flower and that’s enough. And all that you have to do is to be a flower and spread fragrance as it does.

The fragrance of flowers become diffusive in the warming breeze. Looking at the flowers give the feeling of the bride. You will find countless flowers but only a few will touch your heart.                                                                                                                  

How do you find the fragrance of a perfume? Amazing? But for how long? 2 hours or 3 hours? How about a fragrance which is everlasting!

You would definitely like to have it forever. Why don’t you try growing a rose in your garden? Oh! Rose has thorns but remember? A flower accompanied by a thousand thorns can’t be a thorn.


Flowers are actually biennial. Their look is exquisite and eye-catching. Flowers should be grown more in number because they give the mesmerizing feelings.

The most beautiful thing about flowers is that they are neutral to everyone, they neither hate nor love and be with people without reasons and spread fragrance even to those who crush them.

Bestowing an unearthly glow the sun shines through the glamorous petals of a flower. They blush when the sunshine touches them.

It grows that finest because of the sunshine which is like the love for them and causes them to live. Let them grow with love and in silence, this is how they will give you the most enchanting fruit of life.

Sometimes, by plucking the petals of flower you don’t gather its beauty but instead, you split its beauty apart which looks good while held together. But other times, imagine when they are scattered on the ground they are like frozen flames having a cool breeze with them.

Seeing the flowers being placed at a particular place is one of the best things to be seen but imagine seeing it in someone’s hand, it’ll bliss no more. Its value lies within it. Without its roots, its vibrancy would fade sooner. The art on the flower is beautiful in its cooperative way. The flowers have different colors and the yellow nectar feels very sweet for the bees.


Flowers make poor hearts rich. Rich? Not in the means of money but feelings, love, glamour, and likeness for beauty and nature. Ever imagined a bare garden?

It’s just like having a barren heart with chambers and without the flow of blood. Flowers are just like the pink through the green, gorgeously gorgeous.

Not surprisingly the once beautiful flowers curl at the edging in the summer heat, stalks become limb, and they fall, again and again, putting them in the vase will help a bit in keeping them luminous.

But in reality, when a flower dies, it lives forever in peace!

Flowers are cooler and smoother than ever expected to be. Have you ever imagined a flower’s blooming? Which is just like stretching of beauty from inside!

Flowers are the essence of love, and they blossom unexpectedly and without law, it lives for the brief hour of the duration.

If you want to see a flower smiling then put it in a vase but if you want to see it laughing keep it where it belongs and don’t pluck it. Flowers even in the wasteland makes it heaven to be seen.

They work like giving a new life to anything or anyone. Without flowers, it would be only a concrete because they are always best friends to the soul.

Oh! I am forgetting something; when we love our children, we call them flowers <3

In this gloomy world, the flower is a beautiful serene sunshine like my writing which is a flower to you.

Keep it❤

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