In this era of scrolling through facebook and instagram posts and debate on twitter trends is utterly reducing the rate of people reading books. Stil there exist a bunch of people fond of reading books. // why reading before sleep is best

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According to researchers, Many teenagers,adults and old people spend their time on reading for pleasure while the largest people who decline reading are the age group of 35 and 44. The people who read books have their own list of benefits but the people who pick books before sleeping have certainly unique benefits.

The Meraki Magazine is sharing here with the audience the beneficial facts of reading books before sleeping. 

Tension and stress relief.

After the distressing day of the hectic work when you open the book, the world inside it drops your stress. Reading relaxes one by lowering the heart rate and easing the tension in muscles. Researchers set up that reading can reduce the stress rate upto 68%.

Brain exercising.

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Scientists at University of California found that reading keeps the mind cognitively stimulated by lowering the level of the protein that plays a role in Alzhimer beta amyloid. It is said, “Reading is to the brain is what exercise is to the body.” then why not to read?

Live a long life.

According to the graduate school’s director, Dr. Wade Fish, displayed that reading  slows down the rate of memory deterioration that automatically makes older adults mentally healthier and helps people to live long.

Fight insomnia.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person experiences trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Reading calms one self more than a cup of coffee or a movie on netflix because when the brain perceives in the world of words, the body relaxes and swirls to the pleasure of sleep.

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Better focus and sleep.

Books give you knowledge and information from others perspectives. Reading the stories of others or by giving you new information, books derail your mind from your own troubles and drive you into the good night.

So, today before sleeping, if you open the chest of a book you will find the jewels of many stress relievers and aid to have a better sleep and good night. 

// why reading before sleep is best

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