Entangled Fate // Fariha Narjis

Prior to the time subsist, and the day was not 24 hours long.

God breathed His pure soul and gave life to human souls. 

There was a small town, a few miles away from the fifth gate of heaven.  There lived two souls with messed up thoughts and troubled nature. 

They both were not named by their Creator yet but they called themselves “He” and “She”. It is not because of how they looked, but how they behaved. 

He was always calm and liked to wander and ponder.  And she was vivacious and mystifying.

According to the edicts of skies. No soul was permitted to go near heaven, so all souls desired to go in heaven out of curiosity. But everyone knew what is in the hell and nobody wanted to go there.

He and she wandered all the sky and yearned to disclose the reason of their existence. 

One day, He and She were passing by an alley, where they overheard a group talking about the generation they all were saved up for. 

“We are the last of the generation who will struggle to survive on the land called Earth.” 

One man told his other companions.

As soon as they both perceived this news, He grabbed her arm and ran to the small stream; situated far from their town and throne of God. 

He turned pale out of fear and she was afraid of their rift.  

He confessed that he doesn’t want to abandon his home which he is so fond of.

He was lost, his mind was a mess and he was afraid that he would never be able to survive in the last generation and come back here again. 

She also felt so grieved and wanted to stay here with him. And she made a promise that she will meet him one day on the land and she will recognize his soul and will save him.  

They both were still sitting near the stream and mourning. Suddenly, every human soul on the sky started to disperse into tiny silvery flecks and now their rickety fingers lost the touch of each other and their memory started to fade into the mist; but their gaze affixed on each other. 


21st century, era of fifth generation. 

Everywhere are chaos and rubble of numberless dead souls. Homeless people at every end of the street. But destiny had its work to do, mayhem is just a phase to pass and here time passes in a blink.  

He was born in a town of a small rural city. His father named him Momin.

She was raised in an urban city where sky scrapers covered the beautiful sky. Her family called her Leena. 

But both longed for the opposite. She loved small houses, surrounded by farms and lakes and he dreamed big, loved to be recognized in well-known people and loved to visit the sea.

One late night, destiny knocks on their door and was dressed in white poetic words. 

Both happened to know more about each other through poetry and poems. 

He was changed a lot. He talked so perfectly and she struggled to start a conversation. 

But as the time went by and memories dripped one by one from the sky. He became calm and his mind was a total mess again. And she was lively and curious than a cat. 

This universe where they both lived now, was nothing like the sublime sky. This world is contrasting, muddled and customs are entangled. Here people are divided into colours, creeds and beliefs.  

Wave after wave was drowning him in sea of darkness and he was petrified with doubts. Every word of friend or loved one tasted like a sweet lie.  

She was trying so hard to pull him back until she was chocking herself. Her struggles and attention all become futile.

“Please God, save him and bless him. He deserves the truth as much as I do. Ameen”, she heartily prayed every night. 

She was only left with praying for him and asking for God’s aid because she knew that no matter how far they both were from the throne of God that day. God knew about the promise they made. 

Entangled Fate // Fariha Narjis

Entangled Fate // Fariha Narjis

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