Effective Ways to Deal with Depression // Khulood Mushtaq

Depression… It’s difficult to tell what one soul goes through. It’s being dead inside but you bring life to your soul by not giving up hope .Its being color blind and constantly told how colorful the  world is. A tough battle to fight fears, insecurities and horrors that lie within yourself. Most of the people don’t realize that they have been struggling with constant desolation and end up taking psychiatric medicines to cure their sadness. Persistent depression can lead one’s mind to overthink and ultimately to have awful suicidal thoughts, which mostly is faced by teens of today. A person going through depression gets occupied in everyday hassles and exhausts himself physically as well as mentally. Depression is threatening, and sometimes medications can be really useful but instead go for a more healthier way to deal with it.

Here are some really crucial and handy tips to overcome depression and attain a healthy state of mind.


In everyday hassles one tends to engage his/her mind in with countable tasks and responsibilities and eventually gets exhausted. It’s indispensable nowadays to take yourself some time out and meditate. Meditation either can be in form of praying, doing yoga or simply sitting at one place with closed eyes and having a relaxing moment.

2. Remember to pamper yourself:

It actually means to be your own boss! Do what lifts up your mood and makes you cheerful. Make your hobbies your passion and life will seem attractive.

3. Be positive:

The most vital tips of all to stay positive at all times even if you have lost all the battles. Make positivity your weapon and soon you will achieve victory. Surround yourself with positive people, follow a healthy lifestyle and most importantly practice positive self talk that can bring positive vibes.

4. Create your own happiness:

Look for your happiness in small things around you to make yourself cheerful. At some point the negativities around you might make you sorrowful but search for things that elevates your mood. Go out with your friends or have a healthy talk with your favourite people. Practice your hobbies and make yourself a fun loving creative person. Or simply take a walk, this will elevate your mood and make you feel better.

5. Stop overthinking:

It all starts with getting apprehensive about the future and working out on things to make them work out. Give some time to things, they will surely work on right time

6. Talk to Allah:

A piece of essential advice I usually gave to people who struggle with depression. Talk to your Lord. He’s the Almighty, He knows what every heart contains. Pouring out your heart in sajdah will definitely bring you contentment.

7. Stop being a Nutella jar! ;

You cannot make everyone happy at the same time! Stop sacrificing your inner peace and happiness for people who would always be a pain in your neck.

These are some really handy and effective tips to restore your inner peace and overcome depression. But in case you can no longer handle things, seek help from a therapist or medical professional. Its fine to feel things its okay to seek help but always put your mental health first.

Effective Ways to Deal with Depression // Khulood Mushtaq

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Kanza Zubair
9 months ago

thats helpful and informative.