No doubt, with expeditious advancement in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and virtual system, global education system will be influenced by the new-fashioned technology which will transform the propositions of students into reality. In consequence, students will be having effortless access to assimilate or digest anything with single touch of their fingers or movement of their eyes. They will not be relying on their tutors in order to untangle any complex problem which will certainly strengthen their inner potential to learn multifaceted issues in short span of time. Therefore, the forthcoming education system with blended learning tools will turn the table of classical education system in which teachers are solely answerable for maximizing the potential of students.

            Increase Awareness

   In order to accelerate the progression of education system of any country, we must revamp the mindsets of inhabitants living in various regions. It is the role of government to widen the awareness among the masses about the significance of education in their life. Moreover, it is responsibility of every office bearer to ensure the level of literacy in their areas and work accordingly in order to save the future of thousands of impoverished and underprivileged citizens who have infinite capabilities to do something productive in their life. In addition, constructive polices should be framed in order to eliminate the rote learning or cramming culture in colleges and universities which is one of the real causative factors behind shattering of many dexterous students. Furthermore, skill development and professional advancement courses should be stimulated in order to escalate the hard and soft skills of professional students studying in varsities and colleges.

       Advance Curriculum

    Besides this, outdated curriculum should be replaced by the modern curriculum which is hampering the creativity and critical thinking of students. Moreover, government should also assure about the better infrastructure of schools existing in remote or underdeveloped areas. In addition, teacher trainings should be conducted in order to make them aware about the contemporary research in the field of pedagogy.

   To conclude, education is one of the indispensable aspects of an individual. In order to alter the dynamics of the world, we must ameliorate the current education system which has become the obstruction for the talented pool of youngsters. If we will revamp our education system, we can see the ray of hope in every arena of our life. Nevertheless, steadfastness and hope should prevail because as it is said by Emily Dickinson that hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.

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Well written