Eating Disorders // Sumaiyah Ali

Eating Disorders // Sumaiyah Ali

Eating disorders are issues with the way someone eats. They affect emotions, abilities to function in life and health. They do not get proper nutrition. Eating disorders harm hearts, bones and teeth. They impact digestive systems and mouths. So, people focus on:

  • Weight
  • Food
  • Shapes of bodies


Eating disorders have different types:

  1. In Anorexia, individuals eat very less purposefully. So, they have low body weights and fear weight gain. people think they look fat when they are thin. They are strict about how much they eat, eat fast and exercise a lot, often many times a day. To lose weight, they use laxatives, enemas or diuretics. 

Symptoms include low blood pressure, weakness, feelings of loneliness and despair. They cannot focus or remember things. They may experience constipation. They suffer from depression and often resort to self-harm.

  1. In Bulimia, individuals cannot stop binge eating. To compensate for overeating, they purge intentionally. Bulimics use laxatives, fast and exercise a lot. They do not want to look fat. Bulimics judge themselves based on body weight and often binge eat which ultimately leads them to take it all out through vomiting. They are thin, average-weighted or overweight, and may eat and purge secretly. 

Bulimics have irregular heartbeats and feel tired. They have tooth cavities and blood in vomits and may experience low self-esteem, anxiety and wish to harm themselves. 

  1. In Binge eating, people cannot stop themselves from eating in excess. They binge eat once a week for three months, for instance, and eat in large amounts when they are not hungry. Individuals feel upset and guilty for overeating later. They usually eat faster than others, and may eat secretly but do not throw up. People use laxatives and exercise too, and may experience diabetes, high blood pressures and cholesterol. They are angry, helpless and tensed and may have low confidence. They cannot handle stress or strong emotions. 
  2. In Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, individuals are not interested in food. They do not gain after losing weight. They do not have a poor body image and are not afraid to gain weight. People with this disorder do not like the taste, color or smell of food. They are afraid of chocking and vomiting.  People lack enough nutrition so they are fed through tubes or eat supplements 


Some people carry genes that increase their risk to develop eating disorders. Changes in brain chemicals and other biological factors cause eating disorders too. Some individuals have emotional and psychological issues that lead to eating disorders. They have a low self-esteem and troubled relationships, or if they have personality traits like are impulsivity or perfectionism.


People may develop eating disorders if:

  • Their Parents or relatives have eating disorders.
  • They suffer from anxiety or depression.
  • They have stressful lives, for example, at school or at work.
  • Dieting changes brain’s functions in vulnerable humans


You should:

  1. Eat with children and feed them veggies in balanced portions.
  2. Online websites teach toddlers that bulimia is a lifestyle. Convince them that unhealthy food is risky.
  3. Don’t criticize your body in front of kids. Higher self-esteem is most important after all. So are acceptance and resilience. Right?


A team of doctors, psychologists and nutritionists design a plan to develop healthy eating habits. Psychotherapy or talk therapy change unhealthy eating habits to healthier ones. For example, in Family-based therapy families are involved. Families make sure that everyone in the family eats healthily.


Medicines control urges to purge and binge.

Life with eating disorders may be difficult, but if given the right kind of help, they can be fully cured. Many people with eating disorders have sought treatments and are now living prolific and healthy lives.  

Eating Disorders // Sumaiyah Ali

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