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Do we need a local streaming app? the answer is Yes!. There is no debate about the fact that digital media is expanding and it will completely take-over soon. In the last two decades, there has been rapid improvement in the spread of technology. We all can relate to the fact 60% of population in Pakistan suddenly shifted their interest from watching television to Netflix or any other digital streaming platform. We want everything at ease and in control, weather it’s an automatic control systems or watching our favorite show on our own terms!

Netflix and Chill!

The global film industry has suffered a lot due to COVID’19, the closure of cinema hall, theaters and cancellation of film festivals cause a revenue loss of 10 billion dollar from across the world.

But in this crucial time the only countries that survived to earn some profit from there film-industries are one who owns their own local streaming platforms, they’ve released their movies and short films directly on them, like hot-star India did.

In April they also launched Disney Plus Hot-star, collaboration project between Disney US and star India company.

Pakistan is in desperate need to launch their own OTT platform. According to an article published by The New Rafay Rashdi, a known Director/Producer of Pakistan is about to launch Pakistan’s first online streaming platform. He also claims that it will be launched with Netflix standards. 

OTT(over-the-top media service) refers to film and television content provided via a high-speed Internet connection rather than a cable or satellite provide.

Here’s 6 Benefits An Local Streaming App Will Provide Us

Lower Subscription Charges

save money from Netflix

Obviously! The monthly subscription charges will be lower than what we pay for Netflix.

Netflix charges a bit more because it an American streaming platform and it is has collaborated with Pakistan and other 129 countries to provide them with their services, so they charge according to their dollar currency.

Opportunities for New and Fresh Contents

opportunity though local app

Digital Streaming will allow new talents to come forward. Web-series are the new hype these day because of it’s innovative and fresh content.

Sadly Pakistan has produced just few original web-series which were either released on You-tube or any other international streaming platform.

The reach of Pakistani web-content is very less, creators are scared to attempt their idea’s. The local app will encourage them to be experimental with the content and media.

Nostalgic Shows On the Go

nostalgia shows on streaming platforms

Pakistani Drama’s are appreciated by every-one. They are known for their realistic yet engaging story lines. 

The intense well scripted serious dramas with phenomenal actors, the hilarious sit-coms and dramas that made everyone laugh out loud.

We love to watch our favourite dramas again and again.

The local app will make people reach the content which they have might missed!

Promoting Culture Across the borders.

Content we put on web catches the fire in a blink.

Pakistani dramas have always been popular in India as our native language Urdu is somewhat similar to their native language Hindi.

An Indian actress, Vidya Balan, tweeted about Pakistani dramas, saying, “So nice to see good quality television”.

She dedicated number of tweets to appreciate the work done by Pakistan.

She mentioned that she likes our lead actress, they are graceful yet realistic.

Revolution of Pakistani Films

films on Netflix

It is a fact that mostly lolly-wood is not producing quality content. But there are some films which were surprisingly amazing but got ignored because of poor marketing strategies.

Films like laal-kabotar, Manto and Moor need to be seen and appreciated. The streaming app will let people discover amazingly made content in Pakistan.

No Need Of Master/Visa cards for Monthly Subscription Payment

easy payment through local band

The biggest issue faced by most of people in our country is that for monthly subscription we have to pay Netflix through Visa or Master card .

But in Pakistan, a lot of people don’t have access to these cards, especially students and lower/middle-class people.

A local app like Netflix will facilitate them to pay through easy methods like Easy-paisa/ Jazz-cash or any other bank account.

Bottom line

Digital streaming platform is getting so much hype, we have all heard about ‘Netflix and chill’ haven’t we? Majority of 80% say that they would either opt for a lesser number of channels or switch to online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. COVID’19 has shown us that how much backward we’re in terms of technology. It’s high time to work on it and let give media industry wings to fly.

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