“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” Anni Albers

What comes in your mind when you hear the word art? Drawings, paintings, music, poetry, and much more, right? So basically we can say that Art is everything. As Gunther Grass said; “Art is accusation, expression, passion.” Pakistanis admire art a lot and as a result, Pakistani people are curious to know which Pakistani celebrities do art. Do famous people in Pakistan do art? The question asked every now and then.

As we all know everyone has an artist inside them but some of us lose them in our journey of life. Despite the profession, people around the world are so passionate about art and as a result, art is clearly visible in their work. Engineers, actors, singers, doctors. Every occupation has people that are great artists too. They all-we all-have it inside us. One just needs to find it… 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”-Pablo Picasso

Today, we are going to look in our beloved country Pakistan for great artists, and we will discuss and see the art from some of the most famous people in Pakistan. Art from famous actors and singers is what we will talk about today. So, are there any celebrities in Pakistan that do art? Yes, there are. In fact, there are many. We will talk about some of the famous people in Pakistan that do art as their hobby (and are really good at it).

Art From Famous Pakistani Celebrities

As mentioned above there are many Pakistani celebrities that are good at art. We will talk about some of the greatest Pakistani celebrities here and will see art from famous actors and singers today. Above all, there is something different we will do here.

Something new and unique. Based on the art and the story behind it, we will quote Pablo Picasso for each of them. Sounds interesting? So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Naimal Khawar Abbasi

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Naimal Khawar Abbasi

Naimal Khawar Abbasi, wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi (a former Pakistani actor) is a Pakistani actress and visual artist born on November 17, 1993.

Her first movie in the Lollywood industry was Verna released in 2017. She is a wonderful and talented actress but she is also an amazing artist. Naimal studied visual arts from The National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.

She is a great painter and she also holds exhibitions to showcase her work. As a result, there are hundreds of paintings out there.

Naimal’s social media is a place where you can see many of her paintings as her social media is full of pictures showing her artwork.

What an artist she is and above all, what a painter she is. So, let’s have a look at some of Naimal Khawar’s beautiful artwork.

Artwork by Naimal Khawar
A beautiful artwork from Nimal khawar
A beautiful painting made b Naimal Khawar Abbasi.
Art from Naimal Khawar
Artwork from Naimal Khawar Abbasi.
Naimal Khawar admiring her work
Naimal Khawar admiring her work

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Naimal Khawar

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Bilal Maqsood

How can we forget Bilal Maqsood when we are talking about Pakistani celebrities?

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Bilal Maqsood

Bilal Maqsood, son of Pakistan’s most popular TV artist and comedian Anwar Maqsood born on March 23, 1971, is a great singer in the Lollywood industry.

Bilal Maqsood is the founder and a member of a very popular Pakistani pop band, Strings. The first hit song from this band was Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar.

He is a singer and musician by profession but what an artist he is. Fabulous in everything he does.

Either its music or art, he is on the top because he kills it all. You will not believe what I am about to say now. Some people can not paint with their one hand but Bilal Maqsood can paint with both his hands At The Same Time.

Yes, don’t read it again because you read it correctly. I know It’s hard to believe but yes, he can paint using both his hands at the same time. Also, there are videos in which he is painting using both hands.

So now let’s see some of the most incredible work from Bilal Maqsood.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Drawing from Two hands. A legend; Bilal Maqsood
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Brilliant artwork from Bilal Maqsood

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Bilal Maqsood

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”

Sarwat Gilani Mirza

Sarwat Gilani Mirza is a Pakistani model, film and television actress born on December 22, 1982. She is a housewife and a mother of two children.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Gorgeous of all, Sarwat Gilani Mirza.

Despite this fact, she is such a great actress as well as a great artist. Moreover, she is a great source of inspiration for all the women who think that you can not live your dream after marriage.

Her first film was Jawani Phir Nahi Aani In which she played a Pashtun pregnant woman character, my favorite character in that movie.

Sarwat’s social media is full of her paintings and the best thing about her is that she just doesn’t do painting, she teaches it to kids too.

She is mostly seen doing kids art. Her art brings a bright smile on my face each and every time.

You don’t believe me? See it yourself then. So, Let’s see some amazing artwork from Sarwat Gilani Mirza.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Sarwat Gilani is so creative.

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Sarwar Gilani; (I am her fan, so I will give her the best one)

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omar is considered one of the most famous people in Pakistan. She is a model, actress, singer, and painter born on October 12, 1981.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Ayesha Omer
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?

One of the most popular artists in Pakistan. From TV serials like Bulbulay and Zindagi Gulzaar Hai to movies like Karachi se Lahore and Yalghaar, she has a massive and beautiful journey in the Lollywood industry.

When we count the popularity of Pakistani celebrities, Ayesha Omer stands at the top.

Above all, Ayesha won Style Icon of the Year Female (2017) award from International Pakistan Prestige Awards and was also awarded Tamgha-e-Fakhr-e-Pakistan (Pride of Pakistan) by the Warsi International Organization.

What a brilliant actress and a painter she is. Amazing in whatever she does.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Ayesha Omer

Sajal Aly

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly is a Pakistani TV actress who played many roles in many serials and dramas. A fabulous actress achieved a lot of success at just the age of 26.

She was born on January 17, 1994. Her first hit was Nadaaniyaan and her recent serial Yeh Dil Mera was a huge hit. Sajal has also worked in a Bollywood movie; Mom and got more and more success.

She recently married her love Ahad Raza Mir for which the whole Pakistan was waiting.

How She Found Her Inner Artist?

The most interesting part is that she is not a professional artist.

Completely unaware that such incredible talent is hidden inside her but thanks to this quarantine period in which she found out her hidden talent.

She tried sketching in this quarantine and it somehow comes out as an incredible artwork. Also, there is a post on her social media saying that she is trying to sketch her husband. So Let’s see that sketch and some more sketches she made recently.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Sketches by Sajal Aly.
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Sketches by Sajal Aly.

She is an incredible artist and these sketches proves it all.

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Sajal Aly:

“I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Shahbaz Shigri

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Shahbaz Shigri

Shahbaz Sighri is a 32-year-old Pakistani actor and filmmaker born on February 24, 1988. Also, he is good at drawings and sketches.

Generally, Shehbaz doesn’t call himself a painter but some of his drawings clearly show how good he is.

An artist is inside him. He doesn’t have exhibitions and big paintings but his small rough drawings are enough to see the artist in him.

Above all, the most amazing part of the story is that he enjoys what he does.

There is a photo on his Instagram in which his drawing skills can be seen clearly and here’s that photo for you. 

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
A comic sketch by Shahbaz Shigri.
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
A comic sketch by Shahbaz Shigri.

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Shahbaz Shigri:

“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.”

Ali Zafar

We are talking about art from famous people in Pakistan, so how can we not talk about Ali Zafar? When anyone talks about a true artist, this man always comes in my mind. Art is everywhere.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Ali Zafar

We see acting, singing, and dancing as an art form too. Now, look at this man. A singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, painter, and poet. He is my favorite because he is a poet too.

Above all, Ali writes exceptionally well.

Ali studied at the National College of Art. He is a husband and a father of two.

All of his songs, from Channo to Huqa Pani, his acting roles from a Bollywood film Tere Bin Laden to Teefa in Trouble (a huge hit), his side roles from Mere Brother ki Dulhan to Dear Zindagi, everything shows how talented he is.

His journey is amazing not just in Lollywood but in the Bollywood industry too. Recently his new PSL song, Mela Loot Lia was a big hit too.

Ali Zafar as an Artist

He is also a great artist and if we talk about paintings and stuff, he is incredible. I was shocked when I saw his paintings. It blew my mind off. So without wasting time, Let’s see some of the Paintings made by our favorite, Ali Zafar.

Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Ali Zafar on work.
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Mind blowing art from Ali Zafar.
Do Famous People in Pakistan Do Art?
Amazing artwork by Ali Zafar.

Pablo Picasso’s quote for Ali Zafar

“I do not seek. I find.”

Pakistan is full of talented people. We are the mulk of art. Everyone here hides the talent inside them and we just discussed some famous people in Pakistan who do art. There are more of them out there and other than that, acting is itself an art form.

Acting, singing, and dancing are also considered art so they all are artists. Art is everything around us and everything that is not around us. It’s all about our imagination.  As Picasso said,

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

And art is what puts the reality into a piece of paper so just look around, art is everywhere.

“Art isn’t everything. It’s just about everything.”

Gertrude Stein

Written by: Burhanuddin 

[email protected]

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