Isn’t the discrimination in human sects increasingly pacing up around us?

Moral Police And Individual Freedom

It was around 3 am, in the morning when I received a somewhat fearful and anxious text from a Hindu friend.


Well, it’s never a good feeling labelling friends and categorising them on the pretext of their beliefs.

The words and tone of messages had a feeling of anxiety and fear because yet another father had asked his son to put off and delete a post shared on social media that called for equal rights in religious matters.

Some photoshopped pictures of Hindu gods were used for political criticism and it felt no less than the shameful act which was destined to be condemned.

Interestingly, someone with a fake account dared to harass him for sharing the post and threatened to face the consequences.  

Indirect Neighbouring Effects

I remember having a similar discussion with another colleague and he too gave an air of secrecy when it came to voicing for any legitimate cause.

Discrimination: We Are No Better!

These incidents and faces of fear are a huge question mark on our moral values and so-called sense of piety which is simply derived from harming people and their sentiments.

Modi government and BJP are a stark example of heinous trampling of human freedom of expression and individual rights.

We, on the other hand, are mindlessly imitating their model of suppression just to make ourselves feel as pious followers or to have a fake sense of vengeance which ultimately endangers our core values as a country.

Its the only way to kill out the discrimination in human sects present among us.

 The simple fact is, these minorities are Pakistani, their different religion does not make them outsiders  and no random person possesses the right to question their patriotism and jeopardise their security as an individual.  

Brand New Product Of Moral Policing 

Today, Moral policing is a brand new product in market with no price tag. Anybody with a little knowledge and personal idea of what and how things should be, can throw it at anybody’s face.

Discrimination: We Are No Better!

From religion, society, politics to culture, all these areas have fallen victim to the moral police force which operates without set jurisdictions or even borders.

The major reason being a distorted educational environment in the country which runs like capitalist class division and brings more misery to already frustrated minds. Besides, the lack of consensus on the unitary education system has bloomed much confusion instead of institutional campuses.   

A few days back, some Pakistanis were seen criticizing a Turkish actress on social media for her dressing. Forgetting the fact that culture works beyond religious horizons but again, the moral force has to perform its duties no matter what image we project as a nation.

Political setup, on the other hand, is not void of such examples where saner and newer voices are tried to be shut on the basis of their style of talking or the language opted by them.  

These scenarios manifest bitter mentality of many people among 64% Pakistani youth bulge which holds the potential of changing the fate of the nation.

Yet, they are too busy finding people who should be schooled and criticised just because they thought little different or said something that contradicts their ideas. Only a single progressive educational system can defeat this burgeoning moral police which works without an authoritative license.  

By Bisma Jatoi – University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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