Did SIMPSON'S predict all this about TRUMP?

Simpson’s is a cartoon series which was written by John Swartz welder, Matt Groening which consist of 5 characters as main leading characters, this cartoon is all revolving around social and cultural aspects of America, binding it through working-class life.

No doubt some of the belongings which happened in the cartoon were witnessed in real, but to do a blind trust, to every the link between breaking news and Simpson’s isn’t right!

As this is the era of the technology many are aware of editing and creating animation with great perfections for attracting audiences or just for misleading, examples are the current situations that had been linked with Simpson’s.

Let’s decide if DID SIMPSON’S PREDICT ALL THIS ABOUT TRUMP or was it a coincidence?

So predictions by Simpson’s are true or false? before moving towards Trump-related predictions, one very famous prediction was said as done by Simpson’s which was about Corona, was that true? Meraki is bursting the myths, check this out!


Did SIMPSON'S predict all this about TRUMP?

 Coronavirus was originated in China, Wuhan while this picture above was edited to misguide and create prediction link.

Whereas the flu in this cartoon was named as Osaka flu which in the cartoon was originated in Japan.

After the viral of this phenomenon, the co-writer was very much criticized due to which he came in front and gave a statement that Osaka flu was just added to made a comedy scene.

This action was taken by the previous flu which happened in Hong Kong in 1968.


Did SIMPSON'S predict all this about TRUMP?

Simpson’s season Trumpatic voyage had this scene which can be seen on the left side, but it wasn’t the prediction it was an inspiration, how?

Basically the year when trump had done this escalator pose, the Simpson’s had taken this scene and include in their episode after trump had done this, so it wasn’t the prediction but just an act. 


So this can’t be a coincidence that a black guy been in pressure with the white policeman and the most important thing to notice the same name George! In this picture, it can be seen that voice will be raised for the justice of George, how the same scene with the same name can be so accurately predicted? We are all in query that DID SIMPSON’S PREDICT ALL THIS or was it just a coincidence?

Did SIMPSON'S predict all this about TRUMP?

Here comes the burst of this myth, this image appeared 5 days later to the death of George and was uploaded on Instagram by totally editing it, this scene hasn’t appeared in any of the episodes of Simpson’s.

In this picture, the artist’s name can be seen on the very right bottom side of the picture. Yuri pomo illustrates cartoon and has not been affiliated from Disney or anywhere.

After his illustration of Simpson’s which got fame and was assumed as original Simpson’s scene and predictions, while they weren’t, after this misunderstanding Yuri pomo gave his statement in this situation, he said;

“Normally you’re used to seeing colourful and cheerful drawings from me, but since I’ve got quite a good audience, I’d like to use it as much as I can in the right way when the situation requires it, and bring something good and useful with my drawings, and you guys know it.
Especially in this exact moment.
With this piece I’d like you to think deeply, taking the chance to bring The Simpsons as an example for the cause. The Simpsons have
always been everyone’s childhood, so the message will be clear and strong enough I suppose.
Imagine you’re sat with you daughter/son watching the Simpsons, and all of a sudden this scene happens in the show, as cruel as it has been, no jokes, no irony, nothing that the Simpsons normally has, and what it’s loved for. Imagine that, how would you feel? … Think about that deeply, and give yourself an answer, no need to add anything else! ”

After his statement and watermark, it is clear that many tweets and memes which got viral with the title that Simpson’s predicted it years before were all just a rumour, while in actuality they weren’t from Simpson’s. DID SIMPSON’S PREDICT ALL THIS ABOUT TRUMP?


What should do we call it? Planning or predictions well whatever it is, it is just happening in mirror manner without any difference, after the incident of George people came out of their homes to call for justice, they gave speeches and they are full in anger with the discrimination and injustice behaviour? Oh no! No! This was again edited picture and any of these scenes hasn’t appeared.

Did SIMPSON'S predict all this about TRUMP?


The incident of Minneapolis police station burning has no link with Simpson’s, as in Simpson’s they have a scene in which police station had been caught fire but they have no scene that how the fire caught, or any protestors scene, it was just normal social life scene which happens in movies normally, check out this link:


Did SIMPSON'S predict all this about TRUMP?

This image was again a piece of the total misguidance. As we can see the watermark on the left side of the image, this clip wasn’t by Simpsons again, so no need to make any links between Simpson’s and the incidents.

Whereas death is a bitter truth and would occur to each and everyone, so this is very normal and not a prediction but just editing.

Hence rumours about trump and current situations weren’t by Simpson’s and it’s all fake rumours.


Simpson’s and real-life can have something’s common through coincidences but are not predictions, even the election of Trump and his winning was totally manipulated, as trump was participating and trying in the election from many years, after the scene of Trump being elected as president, people got aware more about Trump, his following maybe got increased through this, as it was said earlier that this cartoon is based on American working-class life, it was obvious that he can win someday, so it wasn’t the prediction too, therefore look for watermarks of editors if you find any other post calling as prediction, hope Meraki has helped you in bursting the rumors which have been spread widely.


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