Disney's Tangled predicted

What have you been up to this quarantine? I’m sure most of us are curled up in our beds, our laptops and mobile phones being our go to entertainment devices. Watching and re-watching movies, listening to our favorite songs, occupied with our most favorite Netflix series and all those books that make us happy. We’re all trying to keep ourselves positive throughout this chaotic situation. // Disney’s Tangled predicted Corona

We’re keeping ourselves busy but still, at the end of the day when you look up at the clock, it’s still 10pm, long days when you’ve got time in your hands. For us humans who barely get time to check if we are breathing right, we’ve been hit with a situation where we’ve to actually monitor if we’re breathing right or not.

Ah, jokes apart, Quarantine happened amidst the busiest time of the year. Detached from our normal routine, life feels vacant, leaving me wondering about the Disney princess Rapunzel. She lived in a tower for 18 years, that too was nothing different than self isolation; despite the fact it was not by choice. 

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Mother Ethel “quarantined” the princess in the tower for 18 years, ah, then we must call Rapunzel as the queen of quarantine. Doesn’t she seem to be the ideal character relating with our current day situation! Guess what, our life is a fairytale too then? That’s a good motivation to keep living this quarantine waiting for our prince charming to be back with good times. 

There’s another striking similarity between the Disney fairy tale and our present day epidemic.

The castle she was locked in was named Corona.

This gives rise to the question “Did Tangled already predict the epidemic of Coronavirus?

Strange as it is, because Tangled was a 2010 blockbuster and now ten years later, things are proving to be true!

“What was the name of the kingdom in Tangled?” is the most frequently searched question in Google in the recent weeks.

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While in quarantine and oddly struck by the amusing similarities between the chaotic situation today and the movie, people are finding relief in discussing the whole thing. Since every soul here is in search of anything that distracts them from the horrible reality. The already superhit animated movie is yet again being watched and loved by people for its weird relation with today’s world.

We’re totally enjoying the comments and tweets regarding this situation. Let’s be honest, we’re all in search of something to distract our brains from the stress of this epidemic outbreak.

Here are some super fun tweets on Twitter!

We have no idea what is the ultimate solution of this health issue but some of these disney fans really think it’s just what Rapunzel had!

Super tired of staying home, the little ones can easily compare their moms and guardians to the evil witch and it’s hilarious!

And dear Rapunzel you need to understand too… stay inside for your safety!

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Some fans really are having objections regarding their favorite film gaining game because of the horrible virus. After all, such a beautiful movie doesn’t deserve to be interlaced with such an outrageous virus!

Despite all the tea, this is just another way of finding amusement in the messed up times, we still believe that maybe Tangled already predicted the upcoming situations because in the movie’s song “When will my life begin” we have been provided with good ideas to kill time during this quarantine!! If this movie was not in your bucket list yet, you may add it now!

Here is the song for you, holding so many ideas of spending quality time. Disney really did predict people’s needs ten years ago!

Disney's Tangled predicted

Despite all this, Tangled has literally left us all tangled up in this Corona mystery. The mysterious virus is taking the world in it’s arms just like a bush fire which spreads rapidly, burning every piece of grass in its way.

Disney's Tangled predicted

We hope and pray that these critical times become easier for all human race. Until then, rest, take care, and make good use off all this time, just like Rapunzel. Your prince charming (or if you have one, then read it as good times) is on its way to you. because rapunzel already said,

“and at last i see the light, and it’s like the fog has lifted, and atlast i see the light, and it’s like the sky is new, and it’s warm and real and bright, and the world has somehow shifted, all at once everything looks different…”

fingers cross, hopes not out. humanity will finally win!

// Disney’s Tangled predicted Corona

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Aliyan Shahid
3 months ago

That’s is mysterious and surprising , some powers are trying to control the world ….