Diamonds In Price Of Coal // Saniya Jahan

It’s NEW YEAR and we all have a long list of goals we want to accomplish and most of us have this on our list: to make our partners, we are dating, friends, family or closed ones happy at all cost. But I want you to read this add one more goal to your personal growth list.

 When people do wrong to you, hurt you and then pretend as if they did nothing. Forget about the apology, they aren’t ready to accept that they even did something wrong. How often have you encountered that situation? And how often do you let it go, forgiving the other person? For how long have you been in those kind of toxic relations? For most of us, change is very hard. The thought of leaving a friend or the person happen to be in  love at this moment, is itself very muddling and therefore many of us keep hanging on toxic relationships. Despite the fact, it’s deteriorating. Attachments, fear of being lonely, keeping up to society standards, proving others that you’re loyal, need for an external validation and many more. From giving up on your dreams to living up to other’s values just to keep them happy will exhaust you soon and it’s a huge price to pay.

         While reading this, I want you to close your eyes and realize how many people in your life at the moment are toxic to you, your mental health, your dreams, your passion? And for how long have you been trying to continue hanging on such relationships?

You need to realize that in an attempt to make other person happy, giving up on your dreams and values, won’t work. Real people who truly care about you will never ask you to do that.

           We often don’t even identify a toxic relation. The way we try to wrap ourselves, not to show our vulnerability, prevents us from better understanding ourselves.

   Now the most important question is how do you identify a toxic relation?

(Relation is not only between two couples dating , it’s between two people , two friends , two family members )

 HERE are few signs of a toxic relationship:

  • You feel drained. As you are the only one putting in too much efforts without much in return.
  • Watch their little acts. It says a lot about the person. Texting whole day doesn’t mean that the person is genuinely in love with you or loyal to you. Sometimes it’s because they have nothing else to do.
  • They turn you down.
  • They don’t value you.
  • Your self-doubt increases.
  • Other person always want to dominate.
  • Other person makes you feel that’s it’s always your mistake somehow.
  • They only care about their dreams and always talk about them.
  • They don’t appreciate you enough.
  • You are the one always cancelling your plans for them (At the last minute most often).

   For a toxic person you are just a mean that they using to be one step closer to their dream. They don’t want to cherish their success with you. Once they are on the next step, they won’t look back at you .

           Reality is always hard to accept and even after knowing, working towards it ,is very painful process .Will you deliberately break a decoration piece at your friend’s house which is most dear to your friend? .Probably not ,then why do you keep breaking yourself emotionally ?Be your own supporter. Don’t look for external validation. Take care of yourself. Don’t keep hurting yourself repeatedly. You are important. Your mental health is important .Never give up on your  dreams .You are of value to this universe. Don’t sale diamonds in price of coal. I know you secretly deep down want to quit such relations, just a little courage.

Wishing you luck!

Diamonds In Price Of Coal // Saniya Jahan

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