In a world where something as crucial as depression has become a trend or even worse, meme content, I see more people causing this agitation than suffering it.

Depression does not necessarily has to be a product of severe tragedies, heinous childhoods or anything with the potential to make your toes curl and your body shudder. Depression is a disorder that can make things as straightforward as breathing and getting your chores done, a task as hard as running a business or winning a triathlon.

There is no persistent amount of causes of depression but there are also ninety million ways to act appropriately around people suffering from depression. And quite ironically, these are also the fundamental ethics to humanly behavior.

1.While most people will tell you to empathize, I will tell you to probe your imagination. Until you are not able to paint a picture in your mind, wearing the gloomy shoes of a victim on his somber day, you will not be able to empathize. The next time you tell someone “you understand”, ask yourself; can you really fathom the depth of that person’s woe?

Once your heart starts to ache vigorously and your tears start to flow because you, now, understand how hard it is for them to even function as equivalent to a victim of, say paralysis, you have learned to empathize.

2.“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” -Rudyard Kipling.

Some pills kill and others take you to ecstasy. Exactly like that, words have the potential to make one’s day or ruin one’s life. Before you walk around tossing your words into people’s faces like ping pongs in beer cups, filter your utterance through the sieve of “Would I like to hear this myself, or not?”

3.If you haven’t heard about tiny droplets conjoining to form an infinite ocean, have you been living under a rock? Little gestures of kindness, small deeds that reflect your heart of gold, or minuscule endeavors to make someone’s life even the slightest bit tolerable; these are all magic tickets to treating depressed people the way they deserve to be treated.

// What is depression?

Featuring Writer: @twocentsbyyusaira

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