Dear Men

Dear Men

This is from a 15-year-old girl. Growing up taught me a lot of things about this world. I learned this world is all about you, because you are a Man and you are my protector. You are the lead role of this film, and the other gender (women) are in this film for their beauty, but you are a Superhero, protecting this world, and women are there for slavery and to fulfill your needs. Dear Men

God knows, how many times we have said to ourselves, “I wish I was a boy” so the things would be different, the world would be different. My mother tells me not to dream so big because, in the end, my dream should be to stay in your house and taking care of a family 24/7, who won’t even listen to my opinions and who would always tell me to shut up, because my voice, ideas, opinions don’t matter. My work should be to stay in the kitchen and cook food but also make sure to not eat first and feed your family first.

And when you return from office tired, I have to please you with my body because I can’t say NO. She tells me, ” Dear Men

Men don’t like to hear NO”

I have seen women in my family being beaten by their husbands, getting insulted by their sons, and if she says a word in return, suddenly she is a bad woman. I have argued with my mother a hundred times that shouldn’t women leave those houses where they are not respected because they are not slaves to Men and every time she replies saying A home is all women need, or where else she will go, she can’t return to her father’s house and after all, women should compromise to keep a happy family.

But, I believe, A man is not what I need, So, I tell my mother, I don’t need a house where I will not be respected or where my voice would not matter, I tell her, I can buy my own house and working in a kitchen or cleaning is not my job.

I tell her how big my dreams are, and I’m not scared to achieve them. I tell her, I can protect myself and that I am the lead role of my film, who will conquer her own world. I tell her, Saying”no” is my choice and a right and pleasing man is not my job either.

So, DEAR MEN, I feel pity for you if you were told to rule the woman of your life if you were told to not cry because you are a man if you were called a man even when you were just a 4-year-old baby if they tell you that you have a right to force a woman to do things for you if you were told that protecting women is all you need to do. I am sorry.

Just remember you will still be a man if you cry or wear pink colors or use makeup. holding a door open for a woman or to pull the chair for her or protecting her doesn’t make you a manI know this patriarchal society is hard for you too so, next time if they tell you to protect your mother, sister or wife or ask you to pay for your date’s drinks, turn back and tell them SHE CAN DO IT HERSELF and smash patriarchy right there.

// Dear Men

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