Dance in the rain

“Julie!” I turn to look Jake calling my name and running to me steadily with a smile across his mouth, that nice and affectionate but obnoxious at the same time smile, he is always nice to me, since the first day, he is nice to everyone since first day Julie, something beneath me assures and I realize everyone is nice here instead of me, obviously nor did I regret neither I want to be nice. 

“what are you up to?” He asks as he reaches me with a grin,

“Just going.” I reply as shortly as always.


“to my dorm rooms.”

“why?” HE is nosy.

“what why?” I raise my eyebrows at him and he let a little chuckle fall through his mouth.

“why are you going to captivate yourself in the dorm rooms, the weather is good and it is going to be rain any sooner or later.” He shrugs and walk with me as I paddle back to the corridors.

“Because I am… umm… I want to study.” I lie.

“because you are stupid, right?” I shoot a terrific glance at him as he laughs.



“yes, so are you.” I reply and march steadily across the hall as he matches my speed.

“What the hell?” I stop and scream at him that made him playfully jump with a smirk, obviously.

What the hell?” He asks back politely.

“stop following me. You are so annoying, irritating, exasperating, pestering and oh My God obnoxious, that’s what the hell is actually.” the words filter out through my mouth before I can calculate what I am chirping.

“How many times did you rehearse for that dialogue? I can’t manage to say lots of big words in the same sentences, I even don’t know what they mean.” He laughs hardly.

“You, you are all these words. Now stop foll-” Before I can utter next word, he cover my mouth with his palm while another hand went to my waist, we are so close, shit, and gently pushes our body to one of the pillar lining in this corridor, I groan in anger and pad my feet onto his but he didn’t move.

“I will leave you if you will stop screaming.” He meekly states. I am not even speaking; I protest from behind his palm and he press tighter.

“okay. So, you would not. Just listen me this way.” He holds me in position that I couldn’t move any inch. “Have you ever danced in rain?” Has he gone mad? I shakes my head in no and tiny giggles fall through his mouth, “well, neither have I but I want to and this is drizzling already, so…” He slides his palm from my mouth.

“So, go and do whatever madness you desire,” I shout on his face.

“But I want to dance in rain with someone, you know I want to gain that a feeling of early romanticism.” He speaks and I could feel his soft breaths across my face and hear the drizzle gradually turning into the rain.

“Get lost and find a silly romantic shit.” I force my palm on his chest to push him away but he didn’t even slightly moves instead grab my both wrist in one hand and aimlessly smile, sinking his eyes into mines.

Suddenly, I feel his hand that was on my waist traveling higher to my bag and it is thrown in my feet.

“You will thank me later.” He smiles to me and gently lead me from wrist out of the corridor into the center hall where rain was pouring hard and people are rushing to get out of rain while Jake twirl me through my hands and involuntary I was on my toes twirling like a fan as he further twirl me. He stops rotating and open both of our arms just to roll me back to his chest and dance slowly as there is some romantic song playing in background. 

He never loss an eye contact as we slowly move our body and smile shines as bright as rain drops. God, he is more beautiful in rain. I silently confess to me which brought a smile at the corner of my mouth and he twirls me again watching that smile tugging around my lips. Suddenly when he left the hold of my hand, I was involuntary dancing at my own rhythm. He stares at me with that smile and finger tugging under his chin, surly surprise to watch me dancing as such a free soul, I was surprised at this act of freedom and confidence of myself, as well.

He let me dance for few more minutes then tug his arm around my waist and leaning me to his chest, “You are beautiful, you know that don’t you?” he says and a sudden blush spread across my cheeks and I tear my glance away, looking down at our feet, not meeting his continuously staring wet eyes. He is lovingly obnoxious; my heart professes and I couldn’t help to sink myself into him and be entirely smitten for him, from my soul to body and rationality.

// Dance in the rain

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