CoronaVirus and Current Situation of Pakistan // Khulood Mushtaq

Corona Virus has added a great deal of fear and fright in the atmosphere and in people. After attacking the vast popularity of China, and the majority in Iran it has now entered Pakistan creating chaos and agitation among the people. Recently 5 more cases of coronavirus were detected in Pakistan, along with the previous two: one in Karachi and the other in Islamabad.

Health Ministries of Pakistan about Coronavirus

According to the health ministries both the patients had traveled to Iran for pilgrimage purposes and on returning back, felt symptoms of the virus such as flue, high fever, and breathing problems.

Coronavirus & Hospitals in Pakistan

The patients are being treated in Aga Khan Hospital. The latest cases have created chaos and terror among the people enabling the government to take certain actions.

\Pakistan has ceased all its flights from Iran and had sealed its borders from the neighboring country. The people around Pakistan are all drooled up in fear and anxiety opting for regular medical checkups and going for safety precautions such as wearing masks when going out.

Steps were taken by the Pakistani Government

On the other hand, the government is all set up to take certain actions and are working in order to prevent the country from the contagious virus.

In Balochistan schools and all educational institutions have been closed till March 15. Sindh Government has also declared the closure of all educational institutions in Karachi till March 13. But currently, two more cases have been discovered in Karachi adding fear to the constant hype.

Doctor Zafar Mirza said in a recent interview with media:

“These patients are being handled according to clinical protocols while contact tracing has started,”.

Doctor Zafar Mirza gave fresh news while speaking about the coronavirus patients admitted to AKUH.
Moreover, Doctor Zafar told in a recent interactive session:

“The two patients detected with the virus were kept in isolation and were getting a complete treatment.

“I can confirm the first two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable. No need to panic, things are under control.”

And now the patients have been showing signs of improvement. While having an interactive speaking session with the media Dr. Zafar has explained how the three-member committee is being formed comprising of each member belonging to National Health Services Ministry, Information Ministry and Military’s Media wing. The committee would have the sole purpose to spread awareness about the virus and the necessary precautions and preventions that come with it.

“There is still no need for the nation to panic. We are taking the needed security and precautionary measures. The media and the public should also take precautions and be more responsible, instead of panicking,”-

Dr. Mirza.

Government helpline for Coronavirus

A government helpline is also set in Pakistan which aims to answer questions related to coronavirus.

People are supposed to contact the helpline immediately in case if they feel any symptoms of the disease. After looking upon the situations of Karachi and Islamabad, Punjab has also declared a high threat across the province, urging people to be as safe as they could be from the virus.

Measure Taken for prevention of virus

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah chaired an emergency meeting with Chief Secretary, Health Secretary and senior officials having a vast discussion on the indispensable precautionary measures that must take place in hospitals and around the country.

Isolation wards have been established in hospitals where patients detected with coronavirus are kept. Major General Amir Ikram, the Executive Director at The National Institute Of Health (NIH) has placed five-new-state of the art scanners at airports.

New Caes of Coronavirus in Pakistan

But unfortunately, one more case has been detected in Karachi adding to the four existing cases of coronavirus. The outbreak of coronavirus has spread immense fear and insecurities among the people.

People are advised not to visit crowded places and to opt for all hygienic precautions by the government. Many are complaining about the rise in the price of masks expressing their justified outrage.

Do face masks help in avoiding coronavirus?

The use of masks has increased to cover faces adding to the unexpected rise in market prices of the mask. The majority are complaining of the increased prices of masks creating an array of chaos and disapproval.

he government is trying its best to control the situation of the country by taking all important actions needed, but the rising fear among the people is increasing day by day.

Will the government be successful in their attempts? After disclosure of educational systems, will Pakistan’s economic status will get effected by Coronavirus? More questions will arise with the rising outbreak of the disease.

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