Europe and the US continue to explode; Italy and Iran exceeded the total for South Korea. A Coronavirus Update.

BREAKING: Coronavirus Update; Europe and the US continue to explode. Italy and Iran exceeded the total for South Korea. 

Trajectories of France, Germany, Spain follow Italy with a delay of 8, 8, 9 days. In one week national lockdown is necessary.

Denmark has also just announced a nationwide lockdown. No schools, non-critical workplaces closing down, travel restrictions in and out, and no gatherings.

This is to stop a peak occurring as it has in Italy and overwhelming healthcare.

By looking at the escalation of the Coronavirus Pandemic The spread seems unstoppable. As of now, there are over 126,369 cases.

In hindsight, Italy has ordered all businesses except pharmacies, grocery stores, and banks to close, tightening a lockdown to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

Italy will close all businesses, except for pharmacies and grocery stores, in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The country is currently under a nationwide lockdown. 12,462 cases of the virus have been confirmed and at least 827 people have died.

“Italy is living through a national tragedy of incomprehensible proportions. More than 10,000 are ill with the coronavirus and more than 800 have died. Things could get worse, much worse before they get better. And no one knows when this will end.”

The virus has entered its exponential phase with a high level of community transmission. China and Italy are our best benchmarks so far.

In a video showed by ABS-CN News of Lockdown day 4 in Milan, Italy, the streets are virtually empty as the country grapples to contain the virus.

Italy is currently in the process of overt collapse.

The entire country is on lockdown because its regional lockdown failed miserably, and it’s openly not treating patients over the age of 60 anymore.

Italy had 600 people infected with coronavirus 12 days ago. Now it has over 10,000 and the entire country is on lockdown.

It is laudable to see a supportive stance by the government, that has suspended all mortgages and household bills until people can go back to work.

However, the rapid growth indicates that a local lockdown for Europe is insufficient.

National lockdowns are needed.

China was locked with 800 cases, 80,000 at the end.

Accordingly: Italy will have 730,000, Germany 190,000, France & Spain 230,000 if they lock today. 

COVID-19: A Coronavirus Update

“This is not a normal flu”

A useful #Coronavirus Facebook post shared with us by a medical professional, posted by a US-trained OBGYN ex-Pat living in Italy, which is currently on lockdown. 

COVID-19: A Coronavirus Update
COVID-19: A Coronavirus Update
COVID-19: A Coronavirus Update

We had a brief confab with an uninfected person from quarantined Italy to ask her how dire the situation is.

Her response is as follows;

COVID-19: A Coronavirus Update

Treading in their footsteps, Pakistan has taken safety measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

It has been announced on Thursday by the Sindh government that all educational institutions in the province will remain closed till May 30, 2020

The institutions were closed for an initial 14-days quarantine period which meant they were due to open by 13th March 2020.

The novel coronavirus — or COVID-19 — has so far affected at least 21 people in Pakistan, with the highest number, 15, being in Karachi, three in Gilgit-Baltistan, and one each in Islamabad, Hyderabad, and Quetta. Two of the patients in Karachi, including patient zero, have recovered.

According to the Education Minister Saeed Ghani, matric exams have been postponed till further notice.

Another astute step has been effectively taken by ChairMan Sindh Murad Ali Shah for announcing that all Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 matches in Karachi will be played without crowd amid the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

//Coronavirus Update

The Meraki advises its readers to take appropriate steps to protect themselves!

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