When will coronavirus end?

The novel coronavirus which surfaced late December in Wuhan, China, is generating global concern over its rapid spread.

Since its origin, the amount of infected patients has multiplied to alarming numbers. It has taken the global tally to a chilling total of over a million cases.

Its quick progression from a national emergency to a global pandemic speaks volumes about the risk it poses to humanity. 

COVID-19 Global Statistics

As of April 6th, 2020, the number of cases worldwide has reached 1,278,492 cases. While a staggering amount of 69,756 confirmed deaths have been recorded. Which has given rise to a sense of hopelessness and anxiety among the masses. While the greatest number of deaths has been recorded in Italy (15,887). And the greatest number of cases have been reported in the USA (336,851). 

COVID-19 Statistics in Pakistan

Amid the global crisis, several countries have been under lockdown for weeks. Pakistan continues to observe a second lockdown. This is done as the first lockdown proved considerably beneficial in slightly minimizing the number of daily cases in the country.

However, the disease is still far from reaching its demise, standing as a threat to life all the same.

Around 50 deaths have been recorded in Pakistan, young and old combined with a total number of 3,277 cases in total.

source worldometers.info

Below is the provincial tally, updated on April 6th, 2:00 pm.

Coronavirus: How soon can we expect the crisis to end?
source: covidgov.pk

Recent Cases

With the numbers continuously progressing forward, a fifteenth death had been reported on April 6th, in the province of Sindh. The news was confirmed by Dr. Azra Fazal, Minister of Health and Population Welfare.

Preventive measures for COVID in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently under strict lockdown.

No shops, markets and public places except for hospitals and the like are allowed to remain open after 5:00 pm.

Educational institutions have been closed since mid-March and are expected to remain so until May 30th.

Workplaces have been encouraging their employees to work from home. Only the pharmaceutical companies are still operating — albeit allowing flexibility of timing.

The police and the special forces have been making sure that people do not leave their homes for unimportant reasons.

The preventive measures taken by the Pakistani government are looking auspicious so far. People are hopeful that soon, everything will be back to normal. 

Religious activities 

In addition to the discouragement of social mingling, religious Ulemas have announced that the commencements of and participation in religious gatherings must be avoided. Which also includes Ijtemas and even Friday prayers. President Dr. Arif Alvi, himself performed the Friday prayers at home. He tweeted about the flexibility our religion provides to us regarding our religious duties: 

Coronavirus: How soon can we expect the crisis to end?

Effects of Covid-19

The greatest hurdle that has surfaced due to the coronavirus pandemic is the imposition of lockdowns.

In a country like ours where a large number of people depend upon daily wages to run their homes, the lockdown is sure to have adverse effects on the lives of such people.

Already, various daily wage workers have run out of basic necessities.

As humans, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of Pakistan, who is fortunate enough to still be able to enjoy a comfortable life during such difficult conditions, to help the people who are suffering.

Fortunately, a number of people have realized their responsibilities to their fellow citizens and started ration distribution campaigns in hopes of making life easier, if not, bearable for such people. 

The awakening of human empathy and compassion among the people of Pakistan can be counted as a pro of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Coronavirus: How soon can we expect the crisis to end?
Kiran foundation prepares ration bags to be distributed among the daily wagers suffering due to the coronavirus. 

Impact of lockdown on social life

With social gatherings having been banned and being stuck at home, social life seems like it never even existed.

The beginning of quarantine days brought about a wave of satisfaction from students and workers but it seems like, very quickly, it has lost its charm.

People have run out of fun things to do and are bored stiff right now.

Tiktok and other social media challenges have become the new trend.

One particular trend that has become quite popular these days is making the popular Korean style latte, Dalgona coffee.

Since the procedure is a little time taking, people have decided it is the perfect activity to kill boredom. The creamy, frothy caffeinated treat is just plus. 

Coronavirus: How soon can we expect the crisis to end?

Impact of COVID-19 on the educational system

Among the spheres of life greatly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, the education sector has not been spared. Due to the shut down, educational institutions cannot carry on the studies, consequently, syllabuses and courses are going to be left incomplete.

Luckily, Universities are commencing online classes. However, various institutes have announced the promotion of primary and secondary classes without the commencement of exams. 

Coronavirus: How soon can we expect the crisis to end?

When will the Covid-19 crisis end?

With the uncertainty and doubt looming over the world right now, nobody is sure when the catastrophic crisis will come to an end. Health care organizations are working on making vaccines.

Some claim to have already made them, announcing that they are currently in the testing process. Some claims suggest that particular kinds of drugs are proving effective in curing coronavirus while some time ago, malarial drugs were rumored to be aiding in the cure of the viral respiratory disease. //when will coronavirus end?

None of the claims have been confirmed yet, the only thing that can actually help in minimising the spread of the disease, is staying home in isolation because staying home ultimately means staying safe. // when will coronavirus end?


Here’s a little reminder of the precautions you and your family should take to keep your loved one’s safe:

Stay inside your homes. 

Wash your hands with soap. (20 seconds is recommended)

Sneeze/Cough in a tissue which should be disposed of immediately after. 

Keep an eye out for any flu like symptoms appearing in a family member. (Keep distance from such people) 

Vitamin C has been reported to boost your immune system. Increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin C. 

Drink warm water (With or without honey)

Contact your local health care provider or helpline and consult a doctor immediately if you or your family members have: fever, cough and/or shortness of breath. 

// when will coronavirus end?

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