Considering the pandemic curse that we all are struggling through day and night, I hope to find you all with a peace of mind and safety of health. Today’s thought is: Corona vs. Myocardial Pandemic , which is worst? Spring is just around the corner but it’s like we don’t even have time to think about the transitioning weather as we used to do in our normal routine.

This time, I would’ve been putting the winter clothes back into the closet and taking my summer outfits out with my mother, but who cares? While checking the time on my phone screen, I realized that it is DEFENSE DAY today. A long-awaited event whose preparations started on day-one of March. // peace of mind and safety of health

My peers and I stood eagerly on our department’s roof watching the fly-past rehearsals, yet in a moment, it’s gone. Nobody’s talking about it and I cannot see even a single post about that day. It’s like every link, every bond, every loop that had kept us connected for so long has vanished all of a sudden and all that prevails is individuality. All we care about now is our safety.

This reminds me of how uncertain everything is and how ignorant we all have been while we had time. In planning our life-time achievements, we forgot what we had at that moment. While looking for more and most, better and the best, we lost what we needed to cherish the most; our friends, beloved, family, teachers, liberty, independence to breathe free, nature, evening strolls, and meet-ups with our cousins and FAM.

In my lifetime experience, I have never seen such a morose situation. This situation could be best described as a feeling where everything is there as it used to be yet we are not able to feel them in their place. It is as if we wake up one morning and all the calendars become white, blank pages hanging on the walls, all the mobile phones lose track of time, dates, schedules, events, and planners where all we are left with memos and diaries.

*Nostalgia joined the chat*

*You removed Nostalgia as the participant*  

Don’t you feel as if something is depressing and killing us more from the inside than the fear and melancholy of this pandemic virus? Regret! Regret that we could’ve been a bit more considerate towards ourselves and a little more forgiving towards the people around us? Tell me you are not missing your class-fellows even the ones you don’t like personally? Don’t you feel guilty about your stubborn attitude towards life?

How life gave us chances to learn, grow, be a better person, help others, be wild and free, but we wasted them either overthinking about tomorrow or mourning over the past. We are too unforgiving and too harsh when it comes to our past, or that of others, also, too curious about what tomorrow will bring. We have failed as a human race.

Cruelty is a common practice, arrogance over worldly things is a status symbol, show-off over nothing, making others feel bad about their own-selves, belittling others, violence, suicidal thoughts, mockery, injustice, lies, murder, animal violence, terrorism, rape of emotions and bodies, accusations, accusations, and accusations! When would we stop and realize that it is we who need to change ourselves individually and not others?

#Judgeothersforwhotheyare went viral on Twitter in 24 hours.

When will we aim the cleansing gun towards ourselves instead of firing the mud balls at others? We need to emerge and behave as the superior race on this earth. We have a responsibility to not only take care of ourselves and our fellow-beings but all the animals, plants and creatures that are breathing around us. A patch of grass in the shade is dependent on humans to quench its thirst by watering it.

Don’t go too far, just remember the Australian wild-fire. How scared were those kangaroos and Koalas as they hugged their human rescuers just because they were too scared of the fire, unable to figure out what was happening? Moreover, where have all the hate and differences led you? All around the globe, people are struggling and suffering. It is a global dilemma that teaches us to give up on our differences because no matter what, one thing will always remain common in us; Flesh and Humanity. We all are born the same and we die the same death, so what is all this arrogance about? // peace of mind and safety of health

Let’s just break this! The I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong glass wall that we have constructed between us.

Utilize your time in something eternal; something that would leave your mark on this Earth even when you have ascended to Heaven.

#Judgeyourselfandbeabetterperson broke all the previous hashtag records on twitter by going viral in a blink on Twitter.

Now that we have so much time to pamper ourselves, self-care, focus on self-development, pray to God, meditate, eat healthy at home (unlike regular days where we have to eat junk from cafeterias), write journals, feel the inner voice that we have been suppressing all our lives. Carpe Diem! Live in the moment and try to make the best out of it. Live, breath, inhale and love yourself while you still can.

Talk to your family, laugh, share and care for your loved ones. Stop thinking about what could’ve been done or what could be done tomorrow. We have time, yet here we are, again looking forward to when things would get back to normal. And we are in a haste. We always have been! And this is our tragedy. “Impatience” is surely our fatal flaw. Stop! Be patient! Bow down your stiffened necks a little bit! Persistence is the key and we will get through this together, fresh and new.

What matters the most is when the sun is shining brighter again, and when we get out under the deep blue sky, the pandemic inside our hearts is the one virus that is gone, and we come out clean; forgiving, considerate, humble, responsible, and positive than ever. Let’s make a vow and sanitize our hearts from this ‘Myocardial Pandemic’ once and for all!

// Corona vs. Myocardial Pandemic , which one is the worst?

Zarbakht Bilal

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