One must think that there will be no doubt in saying that William Shakespeare is the greatest playwright in history. His writings influenced the English Language greatly. His work contributed towards the standardization of rules and grammar of the English Language.

Yet, despite his status, there exist doubts about his existence, or more specifically, about his authorship. This conspiracy has been circulating which has been shaking the Shakespeare world for centuries now, and it does not end here. People have doubts about his death as well.

Get ready to be shook!

Authorship of Shakespeare

Experts around the world have doubted the authorship of Shakespeare. This conspiracy theory emerges due to a lack of evidence of Shakespeare being a playwright.

The argument goes like this; he was the son of a glove-maker who is unlikely to be educated, yet his plays reflect remarkable intelligence and understanding which is often deemed as suspicious. How exactly did he gain the expertise of a playwright without any formal education?

shaking the Shakespeare world

The lack of proof such as no record of him in his educational institute adds more doubt in people’s minds. He did not leave any manuscripts behind except for approximately 39 plays that he wrote and his will hints in no way that he was a writer. Now the question which arises is; was Shakespeare a pseudonym used by someone who wished to remain anonymous due to some unknown reason?

Marlovian Conspiracy of Shakespeare

Some of the conspiracies speculate Christopher Marlowe to be the real Shakespeare. He was a playwright, translator, and poet in the Elizabethan era. Before Shakespeare, he was the playwright dominating the world of plays; this dramatic genius was at the height of his fame when he suddenly died. Right after his death, this unknown writer who goes by the name of Shakespeare emerges, and within a year, he has dominated the world.

Researchers of the Marvolian Theory (Conspiracy) of Shakespeare believe that Marlowe faked his death and continued onwards with the pen name Shakespeare. Conspiracies shaking the Shakespeare world have been well said now.

shaking the Shakespeare world

Why Would He Fake His Death?

Marlowe faced serious charges which would eventually lead to his execution, while out on bail, he is suspected to have staged the fight with the bartender which resulted in him getting ‘stabbed to death’. As ridiculous as this theory sounds, it can’t be dismissed because when the timeline of both Shakespeare and Marlowe is analyzed, the conspiracies seem like the truth. Moreover, both of their works had quite similarities as well as similar weaknesses which further strengthened the argument.

Edward De Vere

shaking the Shakespeare world

Another name doubted to be the man behind Shakespeare’s plays is Edward De Vere’s. Edward was the Earl of Oxford in the 17th Century. He was a poet and a literary patron as well as a member of Queen Elizabeth’s court. The Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare’s authorship states that De Vere wrote the plays in hiding as given his social standing. Many similarities exist between the two works such as:

  • Many of the plays parallel the events from the life of Edward such as Hamlet.
  • De Vere had the right education needed to draft such intellectually stimulating plays.
  • De Vere’s poetry stopped appearing in print as soon as Shakespeare started writing poetry, some of his earliest poems such as The Rape of Lucrece (1593) and Venus and Adonis (1594) were about Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, who was the son-in-law of De Vere.

To Believe, or Not to Believe

These conspiracies are what they are; mere conspiracies. There isn’t sufficient evidence to prove them to be facts. Therefore, despite the big question of Shakespeare’s authorship, people all around the world still appreciate his work and it is no lie that he is not of an age but for all time.

The poetry and plays written by Shakespeare are still ranked the highest in this modern world. It is upon us whether we want to believe these Conspiracies shaking the Shakespeare world or not and even if we do, it does not change the fact that the status that Shakespeare holds in the world of literature will never be threatened. Therefore, to believe, or not to believe; is not even a question.

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