Cold Disaster // Hamza Ijaz

Cold, my bones

and burning my desire.

Watch me,

As I groove along to this song of ice and fire.

The wolves howl,

Calling out to thee.

The blanket of snow,

like a ruthless murderer on a killing spree.

The winds of melancholy, bringing back memories of old.

The Lovers so bold and the stories they told.

I look outside and witness the water that once used to flow, Still,


I look inside and witness the heart that once used to beat, Numb,


And resides in me a loneliness,

so intense,

So cruel.

Run, run away sweet lover and do not play this duel.

For your tears and sorrows will just serve as a tool.

Untill the devil in me gains control and turns you into a fool.

Do not blame me for the mess he makes.

The hurt he gives and the heart he breaks.

A refugee I am in my own skin.

Paying the price for my father’s sin.

And all this weight I carry around in my chest.

Never to let go,

Never to rest.

Disappearing into this dark night,

Fading away like a ghost.

And to the demons that carry me away,

I raise this toast.

Cheers to my broken heart,

Cheers to this disaster.

Cheers to my empty soul,

Cheers to the pain I hide behind this laughter.

Cold Disaster // Hamza Ijaz

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