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A letter to love // Bisma Jatoi

Dearest Love, A beauty unseen and an emotion unavoidable. You gave birth to the Universe and ended lives on the battlefields. You brought the smiles in pain and tears in celebrations because you have the supernatural powers of healing, afflicting and nothingness. You are that Midsummer night’s dream turning every lover a fool illogical magical […]

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The Education System // Junaid Ahmed Sohoo

No doubt, with expeditious advancement in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and virtual system, global education system will be influenced by the new-fashioned technology which will transform the propositions of students into reality. In consequence, students will be having effortless access to assimilate or digest anything with single touch of their fingers or movement of […]

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Melody of a Tear-Haroon Khalid Akhtar // A book review by Hirra Fatimah

Born in the city of gardens, Haroon Khalid Akhtar was raised in a house filled with books. His father was also a distinguished Urdu writer. Akhtar had long been associated with Dawn for writing articles and short stories. His collection of articles and short stories can be found in a book named Threadbare. After a […]

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