Breaking Chains // Tarab Khan

There is a untold part of me to tell,

Where people decide a place for me called hell.

Amusingly you are one of them,

And I am not ashamed to be a woman.

Ah! You heard right.

Have you look at the face that is astonishingly fright?

When she step out of home and you stare?

When you make public transport a fear?

Social pressures, depression, and morons she withstand,

But not everyone in the world depicts the same intentions my friend.

The world is filled with both demons and saints,

Some revives your hope when you are almost faint.

There are people who gives you protection,

Motivates you to move forward, gives you satisfaction.

Breaking the chains which binds you to worldly dictations,

People like this are blessing to your tribulations.

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