Book and Babar // Amit Sukhani

An author wrote a book: book puffed up with profusion of interesting pages. Each page was heaped up by lengthy touchable sentences; each sentence was swaddled with beautiful words made of letters. An interesting thing of this book was that it had no cover because it was meant to be treated as an open book for all the ones who read. An author believed that cover is always for something which has something to hide. According to an author, this book did not have something bad to hide; it contained wonderful pages with touchable sentences, words and letters. He named his book ‘REFLECTIONS’. Reflections consisted of the stuffs regarding cruelty over girls, justice through education, getting rid of cheap minds and lot of other motivational stuffs which reflect the readers. Reflections went so popular that everyone wanted to get a read of it.

 Babar, a well-educated lad lived in a village where illiteracy was deeply penetrated in its roots. Babar was the only boy in the village who got proper education, and his family had well-educated mind than all the villagers out there in the society. In the village, there were people gutted with cheap thinking. Reading had no value at there even book and its pages were meant to be useful for selling stuffs. Girls education were banned there, worshipping idols, trees and devout reverends were common there, thanes were ruling the village, people used to fall for different sort of bad addictions and lot of bad stuffs were common there.

  Reflections was the popular at that time, so Babar bought it and took it to his village to read it. As Reflections contained material of cruelty over girls, education and getting rid of illiteracy, and these things were very common in Babar’s village, so he got motivation to change his society from his readings. Whatever he read, he wanted to implement it in real world, his village.  One day he read one quotation in Reflections “Follow God not his followers; fear from God not from man”. In his society, worshipping devout reverends, trees and idols were very common – people worship reverends and fear from them. Babar strived to get rid of such type of ignorance. He collected people and made them aware about getting education, and he also told them to not prostrate in front of thanes and reverends. Some thanes did not like this behavior of Babar and they called him ‘rebel’. As Babar tried to implement whatever he had read however, whenever he did this he got censured by most members of society. His family accompanied Babar for this change. He collected few children- boys and girls- and started teaching them. The elder people of the society and the thanes who ruled the village were furious to see this rebelled behavior of Babar.

 Babar used to read Reflections at his farmhouse, away from his home. One day when he was heading towards farmhouse, some people followed him. Babar was not aware of the people followed him. As he was about to reach farmhouse some people- six in number- pushed him from back. He fell down at the floor, and one person snatched the Reflections from his hands and burnt it. Babar was burning in rage to see his Reflections burning. After burning Reflections, those cruel people smothered Babar’s throat and killed him brutally. Those people who murdered Babar were sent by one of thanes of village due to the fear that if Babar would succeed to change this current plight of village then there would remain no value of him as nobody from society would ask him, and his rulership might get end because from Babar’s steps to change the society, one step was to stop this thane system.

 Babar’s parents were devastated to see the Babar’s corpse. Babar’s family, children who used to learn from Babar and few people who supported him came out of their homes and raised voice for the justice for Babar. However, they got nothing from this strike. As worshipping reverend, trees and idols were common in that society, so Babar’s father decided to make statue of Babar. Statue depicted Babar reading the book (Reflections). Babar’s family, children and few people took that statue as sacred, and pretended that they were worshipping but in real, Babar’s father and uncles started teaching to those children at a place where the statue of Babar was placed. Thanes were frustrated to see the statue of Babar and people amassed in front of it. Gradually many parents sent their children at place where Babar’s uncle and father used to teach children. Elders of society and thanes cannot stop this system of amassing people in front of Babar’s statue, and that teaching from Babar’s father and uncles because they were pretending that they were worshipping it and teaching was pretended as sermon. As worshipping and sermonizing were taken as someone’s personal matter in village so, it cannot be stopped. In this way, education had been common in that society for not only boys but girls also. There were many places started to be built where children got education, and therefore schools were being built. As majority of society wanted to get education so the thanes couldn’t do anything.

That’s how one book and one reader revolutionized the society. It took Babar’s life but ‘to be changed’ needs ‘to be lost’, and society lost Babar to be changed. Babar’s statue was put into the center of village and named it as “statue of wisdom” who proved as motivation for the society.

The Reflections and his reader Babar were burnt into cinder, but that cinder proved as fire for remaining people out in the society. Fire which acted as brightness in the dark phase of village. The hybrid of Babar’s blood and the cinder of book made the society get out of dark period. People who used to worship idol and reverends started to read books. Places where reverends used to sit started to be empty, and schools were being full. In a society where book was mere full of pages which were useful for selling stuffs, started to be taken as sign of success. Village lack of reading culture turned out to be a reading arena where lot of people read book even at free time.

The Reflections not only touched the life of Babar and took him to heaven but made his society heaven-like. Those beautiful words dipped into the ocean of sentences let Babar drown however, formed a deep ocean of wisdom for remaining people.

No matter how lengthy pages are but one who reads by putting his/her passion always goes deep into those lengthy pages even they are ready to be drowned completely into the ocean of sentences, words and letters.

The objective of reading a book is to implement it in the real world, that is, to convert the abstract knowledge into the concrete action as Babar did otherwise reading mere becomes abstract. Reading is meant to change life, and the change deals with the implementation and actions. As saying that “action speaks louder than words”, our words should be changed into action. For making the concrete action from our abstract knowledge we might be fired into ashes, but our ashes must act as fire for the people fallen into darkness as Babar’s ashes did.

Book and Babar // Amit Sukhani

Book and Babar // Amit Sukhani

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