Birds of Heaven // AinulHayat

Some birds are here to pray 

They have broken wings 

With bleeding hearts 

Their sadness make them shine 

With beautiful colors 

The color of heaven 

They always carry teary eyes 

The young ones are blind 

Sorrow sadness loneliness in their soul 

Made them blind 

To see the world 

They sing and dance at night 

They turn into complete emptiness 

They whirl like snow breeze

Cold, yet, soft at the same time 

Their gaze at me 

Always make me sad 

After every whirl they lose one wing, one color

It feels like color if rainbow is fading 

They are dying in order to bring 

Love in this world 

The way silk to survive 

Silk worm had to die 

For birds of heaven 

The color of world had to fade 

In order to see the color of heaven 

In sports of knowing that their heart will be broken 

Once they broke the spell of hate from people’s heart

It will lead them to die 

They sing the song of separation together 

The last dance

The dance of farewell 

Under the tree of brokenhearted 

In momosteango of Guatemala 

The sky turn into black 

The aura itself lost all its colors 

To say last goodbye to all heaven birds 

Who were here to break the dark spell of hate 

To brighten the hearts with colors of love 

But they lost their wings and their all colors 

And return to their home 

Goodbye birds of heaven 

Don’t cry anymore 


Birds of Heaven // AinulHayat

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