Sunday, the 8th of March was an iconic day as hundreds of women stepped out for the Aurat March 2020. The march took place near Frere Hall and we were living for it. //Aurat March Pictures

As a brilliant person once said,

“Words can inspire, and words can destroy.”

And since we, at The Meraki firmly believe in this, here are some of the most iconic slogans we saw at the Aurat March 2020:

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

This poster speaks of both empathy and kindness, but not without the person’s consent! 

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

Translation: Don’t search for a yes in my no.

Say it louder for the people at the back! No means no!

Mother’s stepping up and being absolute queens!

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

A number of mothers were seen at the Aurat March as well including this one! She held up her banner with a huge smile, her reason to march? Simple: For all the daughters out there!

Take that, Khalil-ur-Rehman!

A number of brave women held up posters against the disrespectful words of Khalil-ur-Rehman and clearly showed that women refuse to be oppressed any more! #YouGoGirls!

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

Translation: Why do you spit. We spit on you instead. (Referenced to the remarks Khalil-ur-Rehman made on live television).

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

This banner just shows the immense power of #WomenSupportingWomen! This woman held up a banner in support of those who were not allowed to March.

On Education!

 A common concept in our society is the fact that women are a ‘burden’ on their families. Here’s what the women have to say about that:

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

Translation: Educate Women. Don’t make them a burden.

Because women have the right to education as well! And The Meraki supports this slogan whole-heartedly!

Not just my jism meri marzi; my existence meri marzi!

 Forget about the old debate, it is now time to say my existence is my own choice! No one has a say in what I do, whether that’s my body, my words or actions!

About Equality

 Here’s what this poster had to say to the ones who think Aurat March is only about favoring women:

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

Because equality makes us stronger!

Destroy Patriarchy!

If men are capable of being the head of the family, then so are women! People at the Aurat March had the most humorous way of speaking up about patriarchy!

Even men proudly held up banners agreeing with the message!

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures
Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

Standing Proud Against the Wage Gap! 

Aurat March 2020 in Pictures

The wage gap is something that affects the number of working women in Pakistan. The women at the Aurat March weren’t afraid to raise posters against it.

And if these posters aren’t enough to show you just how empowered these women are, here’s a video to sum it all up for you! 

This video is a perfect summary of the freedom women want and the real message behind the Aurat March! The freedom to raise their voice, the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they want to! 

//Aurat March Pictures

The Meraki stands with all these brave women! 

Staff Photographer and Writer: Umang Kumar and Sarah Salman

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