The matter of Hania Amir and Asim Azhar is reaching another level now as more than 40000 Asim Azhar fans are ready to march and protest against Hania Amir. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are full of posts related to Hania Amir and Asim Azhar. Some people are still confused about what actually the matter is. So, we are here to clear all your confusion.

The Story 

It all started when Hania Amir and Aima Baig were talking in a live video and when the topic of Asim and Hania pops up (a fan commented it in the chatbox), Hania responds saying,  “We are friends, we are not together, we are not dating, we are not a couple. But we are best friends.”

Aima quickly responds “Ye to mujhe b nahi pata tha” (Even I didn’t know about this). Hania Amir said clearly that they are not in any relationship. “And I’m going to make him help me with a song that I’m doing. He’s going to be there for that and I hope I can make him do it.” Hania then adds, “But as far as relationships and ‘are you together?’ is concerned, I’m not with anyone.”

Asim Azhar trolled

The video went viral and to be honest, the friend-zoned thing affected Pakistanis more than Asim Azhar. First, Pakistanis were trolling Asim Azhar as he was friend-zoned (according to all Pakistani fans) and he was trolled badly. Every meme page was hitting on him and it was clearly like they got their material.

Hania Amir was obviously against these trolling as she said there is a limit. 

“Bhai trolling ki bhi aik limit hoti hai, don’t make things “too real”. Mazaak ko mazaak hee rehne do.”

Justice For Asim Azhar (The Hashtag)

This was the story so far but there was a massive turnaround when these fans were asking justice for Asim (Matlab Kuch Bhi?). The hashtag justice for Asim was trending on twitter. Moreover, there is an event on Facebook named ’Justice for Asim’ that will take place on Sunday in front of Hania Amir’s house. Seriously? This is insane! The most senseless thing to do.

As there are some crazy fans out there, there are some true fans too. Many of Asim Azhar and Hania Amir fans were talking maturely. There are still some sensible people out there. Thank God!

Why did People think that Asim Azhar and Hania were dating?

The Photos

These two stars were not in the spotlight until there were photos moving around on social media showing Hania and Asim together.

There were a lot of photos like these. They both were seen together many times and this made their fans think that they are dating. Anyone would think like that. Here are some of the photos for you.

Asim Azhar
Source: Instagram
Asim Azhar and Hania Amir
Photo source: Instagram

The Interview

“’You see my heart beating really fast?’ Pakistani pop star Asim Azhar speaks about his relationship with actress Hania Aamir for the first time. He tells Haroon Rashid that she ‘brings positivity’ into his life.”

In an interview with Haroon for BBC Asian Network, Asim opened about him and Hania Amir.

Haroon asked Asim directly, “You and Hania are in a relationship?” Asim responded with his defenses on. “Are you going to put me on the spot like that? You see, my heart is beating really fast. I don’t think I’m in a position to answer that really casually. I feel like she’s the kind of person who brings a lot of positivity in my life. It’s so much fun being around her. We’re always laughing, we’re always just messing around.”

For me, this might be the words that are pointing that Asim Azhar likes Hania but that does not say that Hania liked Asim too or they are in a relationship.

The “Women Always Betray” Stereotype

We are so much in this mindset of Women Betrayal that for us, it is fixed. The one that leaves and cheats in a relationship is women. Not only in Pakistan, but this thinking is gripping minds all over the world. We can find millions of gold digger videos on youtube in which they are exposing gold diggers (girls). 

The videos are not only from Pakistani channels. This is a very popular video genre all over the world. My question is, why are they highlighting only girls? Only girls are gold diggers? Girls are cheating, girls are gold diggers, and god knows how many more trash is there in everyone’s mind about girls. 

Moreover, our Pakistani dramas are playing their roles too in building these stereotypes. Most of the dramas are showing the girl’s side as a side of betrayal. Also, the songs are on the same theme.

There are many Lollywood and Bollywood songs that give air to these stereotypes. From Pachtaoge of Bollywood to the recent song, “tum tum” of Lollywood, we can clearly see the stereotype. There are some of them who cheat but there are other girls too in this world. We are the ones who promote this kind of stuff. 

A Boy And A Girl Together Are Not ‘’Just Friends” Stereotype

Asim Azhar, Hania Amir, And Our Judgemental Brains

“Ek larka aur ek larki kbhi dost nai ho sakte” ( a girl and a boy can never be friends). This is the mindset of our society. This is the reality of our world. I can’t say about the other states but in Pakistan, this is so on its peak. You as a Pakistani can relate to this. 

What happens when your friend somehow sees you with a girl? You know what will hit his/her mind. No one ever just takes a moment and thinks that they might be friends. But no, they always conclude it on the other side. The thought process of our society is totally destroyed. 

That’s what happened with Hania Amir and Asim Azhar. Few photos of them dragged every Pakistani mind towards the they-are-in-a-relationship side. No one paused for a second and thought that they might be friends. Rumors were out there about them and their relationship. This is the virus that is eating out the youth of our societies. Please, understand this. A boy and a girl can be just friends. 

Easily Accessible Social Media

Social media

Social media. One of the most common and easily accessible disaster you can see in everyone’s hands. From a 50-year-old to a 5-year-old, everyone is using social media.

It is so easy to say anything and share anything. We can’t see it but this is an upcoming disaster. 

Social media played a massive role in getting Hania Amir’s video viral. Was there any other platform you could use to get that video viral? Some of us were doing it for our own sake.

Either to get their video viral or to get more followers but no one ever thought once about how it will affect the people they are talking about.

Social media is just so easy to use. One-click and our opinion, our thoughts, our everything is out in public. The most powerful platform is social media nowadays. Social media can make a minister resign, a law to change, and an issue to rise.

The power lies in a box that is in everyone’s hands right now. We have the power so why don’t we use it in other directions? We can make changes, big changes but we are so busy asking justice for Asim. Grow up, guys.

Asim Azhar, Hania Amir, And Our Judgemental Brains

My Opinion on Asim Azhar and Hania Amir’s Scene

Asim Azhar and Hania Amir both are celebrities and there is not a single thing that can be kept from their fans. This matter was also out in public and fans made them their personal matter. We have to understand that this is not our matter. 

Best Quarantine Timepass (No One Really Cares)

As far as I know, this quarantine has given all of us a massive amount of free time and we don’t know where and how to use it. When we get something more than we want, we start wasting it. That’s exactly what is happening here. People of Pakistan are using their extra time in these kinds of stuff. What else do you expect? One needs something to pass their extra time. 

Take a moment and think, How many of you (who are reading this) actually cares for either Asim Azhar or Hania Amir? None. We just click and share without even thinking it in a slightly deeper direction. No one really cares. 

Why Is This Wrong?

How will you feel and someone you even don’t know is talking about your relationships? How will you feel when they talk about your relationships and all the personal things? This is their personal matter and their personal life.

Asim Azhar, Hania Amir, And Our Judgemental Brains

We don’t really have to interfere. Yes, they are celebrities but they are also humans like us. They also need their private space which unfortunately they don’t have here in Pakistan. Please, let them breathe man.

Also, what is this “justice for Asim Azhar”? Are you kidding? Justice? What is it? A political matter or a serious police case? Have some sense and leave both of them alone. Again, it’s their personal matter. It’s None of our Business.

What Should We Do Instead?

Firstly, this is not our matter so we should not be concerned about what to do. They both are mature adults and they will do what they think is right. Secondly, we already created a mess around us. What more can we possibly do? First, we were trolling Asim Azhar and now we are demanding justice for him? 

If you really want to do something for them as a true fan then do nothing. Just relax and live your life and focus on your life. As a fan, we should clean all the mess we created. We should apologize to Asim and Hania. We should now post some good stuff which makes them feel that their fans are with them. You are not a hater, so be a fan..

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