Take me back to the night
We met in the yard
Climbing up to the roof
Hidden in the dark

Me and Emma were singing at the top of our lungs and laughing like crazy maniacs. Emma was swaying along with the song and put her arm around my shoulder, so I would do the same. We were messing up the lyrics now because we didn’t know them that well. To be honest, we were mostly laughing rather than singing at all in weird high pitched and low- pitched voices.

Doubling up with hysterics, Emma said, “Promise me we’ll never stop doing this.”
“Only if you promise never to sing that English version of that Punjabi song ever again,” I reply. Emma snorted and said, “Some things cannot be stopped Banno Princess.”

I groaned while she starts off with a verse of that horrid song. Now I start laughing again.
“Promise me you will never stop being weird,” I say. “Of course, I won’t stop,” she says. “I can’t stop what’s in my blood” she chuckles. “Zara promise me you will never stop being such a drama queen.”
‘I am not a drama queen,” I lightly punch her arm. “But for what it’s worth, I won’t,”
I flick my hair which ends up in us both laughing again and falling on our backs. Emma looks up at the stars, “Promise me that whenever you look up at the stars you will remember ma’am Maddy (our physics teacher) and her extra-long words.”
“CHEEELDRENNN!!!”, we both say at once and giggle. “Now how can I not say I
promise?” I reply with tears in my eyes.

“Promise me you’ll never forget our promises?” I say and turn my head to look at her.
She looks at me and then points at a group of three stars that can always be seen, the ones that
are in one line but the top one is a bit to the left. I look up at them as she says, “I will always remember all our promises and will always be with you as long as those three stars shine.”
She looks at me and smiles. I smile back, and we hold hands as we look up at the stars and crack stupid jokes and make silly promises.
But I’ll never forget those stupid jokes and silly promises as long as those three stars shine, and I know neither will she and even if there is a sea between us, we will always be with each other, laughing at those stupid jokes and remembering those silly promises.

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