Art and Pandemic

Pandemic is when an infection due to a bacterium or virus becomes capable of spreading widely. It is an outbreak of global proportions. And one highlight of it is the art and pandemic situation.

As of March 2020, the world is currently dealing with a global outbreak of COVID-19. On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised that this disease has the characteristics of pandemic.

Many governments have restricted free movement.Government also placed populations under lock down to limit the pandemic.

In such dark times, art is helping people to get through the corona virus pandemic. People are finding new ways to express themselves through art. Art adds life even in everyday. Poetry, singing, music, baking, gardening, knitting, crafts, shows, projects are a proof that we have existed and do exist. On a flip side, the question arises that;
– How it would be like if there is;

No Room In The Pandemic For Poetry

When we hear the word “poetry” it often triggers thoughts that we relate to poetry. Throughout history, poetry has been a major influence of every art movement. It is known to capture emotions better than any other art form.

Art and Pandemic

If pandemic was without poetry, it would be considered as death of society. Because poetry evokes a response in the reader, whether it be emotional or physical. It leaves an everlasting effect on reader that the reader. So the pandemic is impossible without the art of poetry.

No Room In Pandemic For Music

As cities all over the world shut down to slow the spread of coronavirus, a new crop of videos emerged on the internet lately.

Indians were playing on utensils to pay tribute to doctors and paramedical staff from their balconies.

Well, music is important in any sort, music affects our bodies and brains. Our motor system of the brain is particularly responsive to the beats.

Music is universal, no human culture exists without it and no human can live without it in the midst of a pandemic.

It is also because music has great qualities of healing a person emotionally.

No Room In The Pandemic For Netflix

Propped up feet, a laptop in hands, relaxed on your favourite spot, drinks and snacks on your left with an internet connection.

You’re all set for binge-watching your favourite series. It is one of the best things to remove stress and escape from reality for a while.


Netflix touched the millions of subscribers by giving them a chance to watch exclusive shows and movies.

It helps in passing time and distracting yourself from the terrible ongoing pandemic.

This feels like an addiction. Where if you quit, everything just seems boring and the current scenario would’ve been unimaginable at home without Netflix.


All or Everything Is Art!

Reimagining a pandemic without art, means no creative advertisement signs, no pictures in children’s books, no Netflix, no entertainment, no poetry, and no music. Then the world would be a very dull and boring place. It would be more difficult for people to be able to express themselves fully. Everyone would have been more stressed out about what is going on around them. There’s a famous JACKSON POLLOCK saying,

“The world is nothing without Art. If there is not Art, there is no Life”.

Featured Image: Illustration by Frances To

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16 days ago

Woww an amazing article ❤️

Mehak Rana
15 days ago
Reply to  Maryam