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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan as we know is often known for its decent culture. And the modest values its religion gives. However, the increasing number of rapes, violence, and assaults happening almost every day in different areas of the country, suggest something totally different.

Not even a month has passed to the horrifying motorway incident. Yet we have seen another assault in a similar manner ALMOST take place last night INSIDE Karachi University.

karachi university

The incident was reported last night by a guy named ‘Shaheer’. According to him, the incident took place inside the premises of Karachi University. It was 11.30 pm and he was accompanied by two female friends. One of whom he had to drop at the girl’s hostel of IBA located inside the university.

Another possible motorway incident?

As the motorway incident took place in the middle of the night on an empty road after dragging the woman out of her own car, we really think the similarities of both the incidents are tremendous.

According to the guy’s post on social media, he dropped his friend back to her hostel safely. As soon as he was heading out, namely 4 bikes with 10 people on them gathered around their car.

They surrounded the car and kept shouting ‘Bahar Aaao’.

Says Shaheer.

The amount of terror both of them must have experienced at the time cannot be described for sure. With the guy himself comparing the incident to what happened at the motorway weeks ago, tells a lot about what could have possibly happened if the harassers succeeded.

As stated by Shaheer, who was driving the car, they drove really fast trying to get away but the bikers managed to reach near them again and started banging the windows of the car. Here’s what he reported were the exact words they used:

Gaarri Rouk, Larki ko baahar nikaal.

Luckily their instincts and senses worked on the spot and instead of giving in, they speeded up and tried their best to escape.

What did they want?

The incident as described actually by the person who went through it clearly suggests what those guys wanted. We could all make up stories in our heads about what was or was not the case just because ‘nothing actually happened”. But when someone follows a car at midnight banging the doors and windows asking for the girl to get out, we know exactly what could have happened.

Are government institutions also unsafe?

Both of them managed to escape and survive. They also emailed the directors of the university to talk about the terrifying incident and to request them to look into the matter.

The actual problem here is, we can talk about how unsafe our country and the city Karachi is. How the basic rights of people especially women are not provided or maintained. But when we talk about government institutions, particularly educational institutes as big as Karachi University, we simply do not expect such events to happen there.

With the hostel buildings inside the premises and the guarded entrances, if we still get to see such events take place in government-managed universities, we do not clearly know if any place is safe anymore. Self-help looks like the only escape route.

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