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Pakistanis came out of their homes, some to show support through March but it faced backlash and was attacked by Extremists in Islamabad.

What actually Aurat March is?

Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and expression especially in today’s society it has become necessary for a person to stand up for their genuine rights to live a peaceful and independent life.

Women have led a very difficult life for many decades.

They were never given their genuine rights and when women used to speak up for themselves, they were either killed in the name of honor or were silenced through violence.

Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020

Aurat March refers to the protest organized in various cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur, every year to observe International Women’s Day on March 8th.

The main initiative behind this march is to protest against violence and oppression on women, trans people, children, and men.

Thousands of women, trans genders and men come out of their homes carrying posters with slogans depicting human rights but most importantly women rights.

This year Aurat March was celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Parents brought their children to the march too.

It helped their children to learn about human rights properly.

When something remarkable happens, there is always a group of people who are against it and this was the case with this year’s Aurat March.

There were many people who opposed the idea and came out on twitter to prevent the march to happen, many controversies happened through social media platforms but in the end, no one was able to stop such a brilliant initiative.

Aurat March happened with full zeal.

First of all thanks to the strong security team who like always made the march secure for everyone.

Aurat March has always faced serious backlash by people who refuse to understand the cause behind it with many women receiving death threats and rape threats.

Still, women refused to step back and be silent because they’ve gone through a lot since many decades.

Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020
* Aftershocks of Aurat March 20Image source: 20*

There were women who wished to join the march but couldn’t out of many reasons.

The security team did a good job as the stood till the very end.

They made sure no one felt insecure and unprotected

Backlash faced by Aurat March

When something remarkable happens there is always one party thereto crash it and so were a group of mullahs.

The Aurat March in Islamabad on Sunday saw a backlash when a group of people pelted stones on the participants of the protest which left several people injured and saw the saw arrest of a burqa-clad man.

The incident took place when the march was about to end.

More than 2000 people gathered in Islamabad to raise their voice for economic injustice, transgender rape, minor rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence and other injustice faced by everyone, every day.

The government was called out to take action towards these matters and to secure the rights of minorities. 

After everything still the country was divided over whether or not the march should be held.

Other than this there were other people who came out on twitter to show their unsupportive behavior towards the march but some also came to show support and send condolences towards the injured. 

Attack On Aurat March by Bearded Men

Hundreds of people had gathered at the Islamabad Press Club to march against patriarchy on Sunday. The participants had just started walking when a group of men started pelting stones at them.

Some men even attacked women with sticks.

Source: Republic World

The policemen who had been deployed for the security of the participants tried to bring the situation under control and closed the F6 road for traffic temporarily.

FIR against those who disrupted the Aurat March!

The case registered after Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqat took to twitter to say that the state would register an FIR against those people who tried to attack the march. 

Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and when some people tried to attack the peaceful Aurat March, an FIR was registered against 12 identified and 300 to 400 unidentified people against violent attacks on Aurat March rally in Islamabad.

Pakistani’s show their A-Game when it comes to such events especially Aurat March.

Even men made sure to show support to all the women with posters depicting their rights.

  • Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020
  • Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020
  • Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020

Celebrities also came out to support the March.

  • Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020
  • Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020
  • Aftershocks of Aurat March 2020

Aurat March; a revolution.

After every failed attempt to stop the march, the rally was successful with female activists, celebrities and artist showcased their talents.

Speeches on women empowerment, stories of struggles and inspiring acts were shared with the crowd from all age groups.

Female artists and bands also performed with full glory. 

Aurat March was a spectacular event and an inspiration for all the women out there.

Every woman has a voice, has a story to tell but the misogyny in our society locks them.

Women face oppression every day, they are killed in the name of honor, raped, attacked by acid and more violence you can name of but it’s time to let our voices be heard.

Every woman has a right to freedom, to be independent, to choose for herself so it’s time for her to enjoy life.

It’s time to live.

Report by Staff Writer

//Aftershocks of Aurat March //Aftershocks of Aurat March

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