Abandoning The Year // Noor Fatimah Kashif

‘Abandonment’ typically a harsh reality to put in front, but isn’t that the truth we are running from? The title is in its own significance, where we say goodbye to an era of time, cutting cakes with chanting “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Years”. How many Happy exactly have you spent? Resolutions that took you around a specific cluster, through galaxies, and then black holes of deep and dense realities. Why are we still reluctant about the fact that we are the important dynasty to live for, by and to.

Starting any year the first question we get to hit ourselves with is about our resolutions. What are yours, mine, theirs? Technically ending each word with a question mark. We got so much to ask and question about others that we lose our own self. So… what is a resolution? Basically a promise, you make yourself for carving a better yourself. The sad part comes when we stop following those rules and those well-intentioned declarations die, rather quickly as we are not able to function according to our set time module of years. More likely we fail to opt for certain good and changed habits that are not a part of our daily routine which is because of what we think we will do but cannot execute due to many reasons possible.

Abandoning The Year // Noor Fatimah Kashif

There is a definite desire for change to see a better change and improvement. In order to make sure your resolutions succeed there surely are many things that can help you improve a lifestyle. Any resolution may fail because it maybe is the wrong one for you, your personality and style. It may be wrong for one of these three main reasons:

  1. It is a society based resolution, or maybe it is opted because someone else told u about it.
  2. It’s too vague.
  3. You don’t have a realistic plan for achieving your resolution.

Goals and resolutions must be smart. With a journal managing. Creating possibilities of the best and effective execution of your goal.

Abandoning The Year // Noor Fatimah Kashif

Well, start by giving a quick chance to your own comfort and not bothering making any new year’s resolutions. In a sense forget New Years’ resolutions. Instead develop a sense of quick and more fruit-full sides to which Michael Hyatt’s perspective are dimensions, that are more important for goal-attainment. Which are:

  • Genuine possibility
  • Past experience
  • Effective design
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Proven tactics

For a sweet outcome and result, we got to have a reasonably soft line of awareness about our own stretching limits and the possibilities of work deployment on your mental and body health.

Becoming specific and absolutely clear regarding what you want and are looking for is more productive and may help you in achieving the goal. Keep a track of measurements of your pathway, as to how much u have covered in a given specific time and how much more is left at your side to perform. Abandoning The Year is somewhat of a big deal.

Achievable goals should be set, as in a time period where u can keep a record. This doesn’t mean you cannot have big stretch goals. But trying to make it at a little fast rate might not help.

Abandoning The Year // Noor Fatimah Kashif

Being realistic is necessary. The next thing that might be helpful in setting a more achievable goal is its relevance. The goal should revolve around you and your matter of existence, and your right reasons should be included.

There is always a desire to relax and do something fun instead of working hard. The biggest hurdle that comes in goal achieving is procrastination. Totally giving up procrastination speeds up the process and increases the chances of the resolutions you did or promised yourself something. So cutting short over relaxing time periods or junk activities lead to hopeful and prosperous effects of the future.

Abandoning The Year // Noor Fatimah Kashif

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