A worshiper of creativity // Amit Sukhani

Art is something that provides humans a way of dealing with emotions and feelings which cannot be expressed via conversations or words. Once Drew Barrymore said that ‘to be really great and interesting, you have to be little crazy. I don’t think one comes without the other.’ Art makes man a crazy. For artist, without art his life is like a rain without clouds: The way rain is not possible without clouds, his life is difficult without art.  There are many passionate and crazy artists who are known for their craziness towards art. I have a story about one crazy artist who sacrificed his life for his work of passion.

  There was one chap who was an adroit painter and statue maker-He was very passionate about doing it.  He started paintings wherever he used to go. If he was sitting at floor then he used to make paintings via stones or if he was sitting on sand, then used to do same via scrolling his fingers on sand. He was very crazy about his work.  He made so many paintings and statues and collected all in his room. After sometimes, his craziness towards his work escalated so much that he started worshipping his statues and paintings. He decorated all his work and worshipped it.

 Whatever he saw in his dreams, he painted it on paper, then made statues of those and worshipped it. His room looked like ‘old cave consisted of lot of rituals.’ Society called him mad. People in his society had a threat of black magic and they thought he would spread his witchcrafts and false beliefs among people and might prove dangerous for society. So, they called the police and blamed him as black artist. Police broke all his statues and burnt his paintings and sent him in jail. He was in jail for 3 days without any crime. He was completely broken to see his work burning and breaking. Whenever he came back from jail, he was very depressed, and tears were flowing from his eyes. He started his work again, but his tears didn’t stop. He made one painting which depicted his own miseries. That painting showed: one person with tears in his eyes, broken heart, pen in his hand but his hands were shackled in manacles. He made statue of that painting too. After making statue, he committed suicide and dropped one chart with that statue. In that chart it was written that “O people! Yes, I am mad because I am a lover and worshipper of my work and passion. But I am not a black artist or false believer. If loving and worshipping my creativity are false beliefs and crime, then I prefer doing this crime hundred more times. But this belief is far better than yours. You people are ready to worship any stone, tree or any non-living thing for just to console your fearful consciences. A worshiper of creativity // Amit Sukhanirk. Without suffering artist is nothing and I have suffered too much by the courtesy of your false blame and negative mind. I am going to leave this world to make my work eternal. I am going not just because I cannot fight you people but just because I am ashamed that I belong to your society and I don’t want to be ashamed in front of my creativity.” His last statue went very popular.

  This is a story of an artist who sacrificed his life for his artistic work. His story dropped one message that “to be creative you have to be crazy, but that craziness takes lot of sufferings.  Without sufferings, an artist is not an artist-Artistic work craves sufferings even sometimes death- Without sufferings artists’ creativity will not be renowned. Artistic madness made that chap so mad that he is still renowned for his work and his statues especially last one is so popular. An artist may leave the world, but his work cannot be forgotten.  That’s the power of artistic madness!

A worshiper of creativity // Amit Sukhani

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