Everyone around talks about true friendship. Everyone is looking for true friendship but no one knows what friendship is. We have become so selfish that we just think about ourselves. I, me, and myself. That’s it. As a result, true friendship is near to its extinction. // Pakistani Hindus

Today we will show you what true friendship is. We bring you a town in Pakistan in which the properties of their long-gone friends are still preserved in their memory. What is this about? Want to know more? So without wasting any time, let’s learn more about it.

The Story of Mekhtar

A Pashtun Town in Pakistan Shows the World What Friendship is
Arab News Pakistan tweeted about the story of Mekhtar.

According to Arab News Pakistan’s report by Naimat khan, a town in Balochistan, Pakistan safeguards the properties that their Hindu friends left behind after migrating to Jaipur, India during the 1947 partition.

During the partition, 400 Hindus were forced to migrate from Mekhtar during the 1947 partition.

They formed a community there of 400 Pashtun Hindus. The Hindus that migrated to Jaipur brought the Afghani culture with them. Girls with blue tattoos on their faces, clothes with heavy embroidery, and traditional Pashtun dancing. 

Afghani Culture
A women with blue tattoos on the face. Afghani Culture.

They left their homes and shops behind them in Mekhtar and gave all the keys to their Muslim brothers.

A Town in Pakistan keeps Hindu Muslim friendship alive

“When our Hindu friends were leaving us, they handed the keys of their shops to us.”

A 95-year old Mekhtar resident, Malik Hajji Palo Khan Kakar told Arab News.

Kakar sahab also told Arab News that the keys were never used and they are waiting for the rightful owners to return.

They left their properties behind for their Muslim brothers to use but Muslims of Mekhtar kept it as it is. It’s been seven decades and still the houses and shops that Hindus of Mekhtar left are preserved as it is. // Pakistani Hindus

A Pashtun Town in Pakistan Shows the World What Friendship is

Shilpi Batra, an Indian filmmaker, told Arab News that the muslims of Mekhtar came to the railway station to bid the farewell on the day their Hindu friends left. They gave their Hindu friends Gifts of food like ghee for their long journey.

The love and friendship between these Hindu and Muslim families is an eye-opener for all of us. An answer to all those who ask what friendship is. 

Kakar also revealed his desire of meeting his old friends one more time. // Pakistani Hindus

“My health aNd finances don’t allow me to travel, but if they could come here, that would be great. Then maybe once more, we could sit here. All together…”

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