People believe that their miseries are unbearable. They face pressures because of changes in life and worry about where they fit in.  


Individuals suffering from major disappointments. For example, rejections. They feel hopeless, frustrated and angry. People are confused and worry about self-worth. Experiencing a parental divorce, for instance. They are survivors of abuse.

Depressed people commit suicide. They feel worthless. These individuals witness violence or feel isolated from family. They don’t have social networks. 

Drug abuse makes people impulsive. Substance abuse does not relieve them from difficulties but makes Matters worse. Brain chemistry causes individuals to suicide. They have low levels of serotonin. So, they react impulsively. 

Personality factors:

Parents pressurize people because of poor grades. So, individuals are unhappy. They experience mood swings and sadness. They sleep too much or too little. 

People change their behaviors. For instance, senses of empathy towards their surroundings fluctuate. They have self-harming tendencies. 

People visit others to say goodbye. They give valuable possessions away. Individuals are fatigued or violent. They idealize suicides. People are anxious and resentful. They are self-directed. People have issues in building identities, for example.  


Individuals have mental health issues. Experiencing traumatic situations. They use drugs. People have sexually transmitted infections. They are adopted.

Individuals talk and write about suicides. People feel trapped in situations. Eating patterns alter. They participate in self-destructive activities. People think that no one loves them. Individuals experience trouble with the law.

People don’t care about important activities. They lack motivation and want to run away from homes. People think that they are ugly. They use the Internet and cry excessively. Individuals are insecure.   

Suicidal tendencies are treatable. Many lead normal lives because of love and guidance. The support of close ones and medical help save lives. 

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Narmeen Khan
7 months ago

Good one , it can help people to overcome the problems

Kanza Zubair
7 months ago

Perfectly Described.