A Promise To Make // Khulood Mushtaq

Back in school days at the end of every tiring and chaotic year, the class would be given a piece of paper to jot down their new year resolutions. Some of the students would enthusiastically list down their resolutions starting from getting excellent grades and start their next class with full determination so that they can ace the results. On the other hand, I would also part of those promising students who would jot down their promises to get the best results in the next class.

In all these promising resolutions I never realized that after all these broken promises, I’m leaving behind an important pledge to look after myself! I didn’t realize I was forgetting to make a promise to my soul and my heart to look after myself no matter what. My not so perfect resolutions lacked many oaths that I was supposed to take with my soul, my heart and my body.

As an adult when I look at those half torn colorful pieces of paper with beautiful flower borders and my innocent resolutions scribbled over them I scribbled another promise on the paper which said: “To prioritize myself”.

A new exciting, jovial, better, ecstatic year is ahead of us and this new amazing year brings with itself an indispensable promise to take care of yourself and to prioritize your mental health and physical health above all. To begin with, listing down the tips for some self-care to follow this new year jot down things that makes you cheerful and happy. The primary rule to love yourself is to acquire habits that make one feel good and satisfied. It can be related to your passion or part-time hobbies.

Moreover, make a plan to follow up with a fitness schedule this new year. Make a routine to play your favorite sports or go for morning walks. And apart from creating a fitness schedule try to acquire healthy eating habits that would nourish your body as well as your mind.

Another foremost rule to love yourself is to put yourself first at all times. Don’t settle for situations or decisions that you fear would haunt you. Make wise choices that satisfy you and make you feel contented.

This new year, surround yourself with positivity. Believe me, acquiring the habit of being positive would bring the best in you. So join the company of positive people who would promise to encourage you at all times rather than being a pain in your neck.

Also, adopt the habit of being patient even if a storm of problems frightens you. There may be battles to fight this new year but make patience your weapon at all times and no doubt a new day will await you.

To all the readers and non-readers of The Meraki, I wish this new year brings you ultimate happiness and joy and amazing opportunities with never-ending success in your lives! May you get all your promises and resolutions fulfilled!

A Promise To Make // Khulood Mushtaq

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