The Birth Of An Addiction:

A Man Came To Pakistan To Make TikTok Videos

Tiktok Pakistan is one of the rising industry with hundred of users joining the platform everyday. Tiktok craze is not just in Pakistan but it is all over the world. Top Pakistani tiktok stars are making independent videos and making their livelihoods from it.

With every new generation comes the platform that takes it by storm, previously there were:

  • MySpace
  • Facebook
  • Instagram just to name a few.

These were the must have social media platforms in order to stay connected amd stay in the loop for everything in pop culture and beyond.

For this generation its Tik Tok the video sharing app that’s taken the world in its iron grip. Its a global phenomenon now. Ranging from Canada to New Zealand its a cesspool of addiction and gratification.


One particular country stands heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of users and creativity and that is India. Being the 2nd most populous country being behind only China the originators of the app  itself. The people of this rather peculiar nation has embraced this platform with open and creative arms.

It was as if the content floodgates had been opened with merely everyone of every background contributing and posting anything ranging from comedic to motivational content on the site.

It gave rise to a new form of celebrity who skyrocketed to fame and fortune with their livelihoods being so anchored in it that it seemed nigh impossible to separate them from it.

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Sino-Indo Conflict And The Banning Of TikTok

However soon circumstances beyond anyone’s control began to come to light with the border dispute between India and China in the north side of Kashmir known as Ladakh in which there was blood shed involved. // tiktok india ban

A Man Came To Pakistan To Make TikTok Videos

 With tensions rising to critical levels, one had to play the first card. And lo behold it was India with a digital air strike.

A total of 59 apps were banned including Tik Tok in the name of disrupting the illegal copying and transferring of data from Indian users. However the ripples of this were felt at the grass roots level as the general public felt the hardest blow.

People are demanding ban of Tiktok in Pakistan after Indian put a ban on tiktok but we don’t see nay official response on it.

A Man Came To Pakistan To Make TikTok Videos

Crossed The LoC

One such story would be that of Armaan Bhatia who was taken into custody while attempting to cross LoC in Gilgit, Baltistan. Initial reports suggested the man was sent to Pakistan for spying, but it was later discovered that his intentions were much worse and yet trivial at the same time. The addiction showed its face all too clearly. // Tiktok Pakistan

The detainee Armaan Bhatia was recognized as a famous Indian TikTok star and confessed on entering the country so that he can use the app again and make dance challenge videos. With the recent banning, he had no sustainable source of income and so he made a desperate and idiotic decision to cross borders. // tiktok india ban

“My life is incomplete without the app; it defined who I was. I feel as if I’m a mother and my child has been snatched away from me” said Bhatia. Armaan Bhatia

The TikToker also requested to make a lip-sync video with the officials keeping him in custody and was refused.

Taking addiction to another level:

In conclusion due to reckless use and unregulated usage, this mental disease has taken hold upon the general populace. They are made to go to extreme and illogical ends in order to satiate the never ending hunger that has polluted their minds and hearts.

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We all amy laugh it off and be off with our lives but it would have far off and devastating consequences unless it’s kept in check effectively.

tiktok india ban

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