A false tale often betrays itself // Minahil Naghman

Honestly? So, I’m on your side and all you do is pretend to be the victim and try to blame it all on me? Who are you trying to be? Are you pretending to be cool in front of me? The one who has seen you do the most stupid things ever? So, you can establish some sort of psychological dominance that makes you feel good about yourself?

Well too bad, because I’m not falling for your trap and answering to your goddamn accusations. I have nothing to prove to you, but you certainly think I do. So, you tell me, what do you want me to say that will make you feel better about yourself? What will give your parched ego a fictional sense of accomplishment?

You tell me what I need to say to you that will make you happy for a temporary and finite amount of time and then you must again face the inevitable. 

Seriously, do tell because I’m curious and right here and open to working it out. Because its just all temporary isn’t it? One year, two years, then we’ll be going our different ways and maybe forget about all this. All the silly fun moments where we let go of the unrealistic images of ourselves and had nothing to prove.

Where we laughed like hell and, not giving a shit about anything or anyone who looked at us and thought, damn those kids need to be shipped to a mental hospital, because we looked and sounded crazy laughing. 

I’m here for you, when you need me. I always have been, haven’t I? I never speak when I’m angry in case I say something I don’t mean, and we all get hurt. But that’s all a façade isn’t it? Because you don’t do that and so how can anyone else? How can I be considerate and not need to put up a façade and an irrelevant image of myself that builds me up and simultaneously brings other people down?

How can I be so sure of myself that I don’t need to scream out my pain and inaugurate my fabricated superiority? Well, I’ll tell you.

I don’t care what other people think because I was exactly like you and I realized that that pretense did nothing and will only make you feel alone. When you tell other people that you’re a slab of stone-cold marble, they won’t think you have feelings and you won’t have anyone to talk to you when you’re hurt and need a helping hand to climb out of the ditch of pain you’re in then.

They won’t include you in their own problems because they will just think you won’t be able to understand any emotion that they are going through, whether it be happiness and elation or just plain sadness and tears. And you’ll grow distant and always wonder what if?

So, for the love of God, don’t make the same mistakes I did and listen to a friend trying to help you. Try stepping down from that corruptive pedestal of pride, calm down, use your mind and think; is your self-importance and vanity worth the grief you so gladly and proudly bestow on all of us and that which you will inevitably thrust to yourself?

God, ironic isn’t it?
A false tale often betrays itself // Minahil Naghman

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