You run your soft fingers on me. You rub my face with the corner of your dupatta. I feel the warmth of your love. Suddenly I say “beep” and you stop rubbing me with your dupatta. Instead you hurriedly press your finger against the sensor and unlock me. The text message from your best friend says, “sorry but i can’t go to kfc today.” all of a sudden you throw me in the face of your pillow with anger, leaving me confused if you love or hate me? Do you wish I was dead? Honey, please have some mercy on me. // A day in the life of a cellphone

Every other day i’ve to tolerate your anger stunts! I am your cellphone not your BF.

What is this behavior pooja!

 My story goes on like this everyday.I have to keep buzzing non stop because you dont wake up in the morning when the alarm rings. You keep snoozing the alarm until your respected Amaa-jaan(dearest mother) yells at you for the hundredth time, “wake up, you’re getting late for your class”. 

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You hurriedly get up, picking me up to check the time, realizing you’ve ten minutes left for getting ready. So, mercilessly you plugin the charger so hard. It’s good to charge me often because you use me 25/24 hours of the day. Don’t you realize i get tired too? I have got way too many complaints. I’m your best friend now, yet you never care for me like one.

Anyways, let’s proceed with my story, let’s proceed with your day. During the class you are so impatient to check the time. You keep pulling me out of the pocket until your respected ma’am catches you doing so. Basically, she catches a glimpse of me in your hands. Time for some punishment, bad news alert!

“So you think you can use the phone in front of the teacher, during a morning lecture and you will be forgiven. 

Honey, that’s your biggest misunderstanding today!” you were caught red handed and you were looking at me with all the love, maybe you could feel me slipping out of your hands and falling into the dark cold fingers of your teacher. That very moment i promised myself to forgive you for every mistake, little did i know this separation would be temporary. “ im sorry ma’am, i was just having a look at the clock…” spoke the tiny innocent voice from within you, exactly like the voice you use when your amma-jaan scolds you for never leaving me.

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“No forgiveness, no sorries. Get back to your seat and don’t show me your face again!” the angry teacher exclaimed and left the class, I was in her tight, large, dark and old hands. She walked down the corridor straight to the head mistress’s office. She filed a complaint against you. She was really angry. The headmistress seemed to be a soft hearted woman. She kept me in her drawer. Her drawer was dark, cold and filled with papers. // A day in the life of a cellphone

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do in here. An hour passed, then another. Your mother was calling, I was continuously vibrating. Seems like it was something urgent. I could recall the last time you forgot me at your uncle’s house. You were so cranky because you missed me. And it took a day for me to get back to you because your father couldn’t drive again to pick me up. 

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The other day, your uncle’s driver came all the way to hand me over to you. That time too, I thought you’ve disowned me. But you didn’t. Anyhow I had no idea about this incident! Maybe you will come to take me away. I was thinking all this when I heard some crumbling sounds. Someone was opening the drawer. The headmistress opened the drawer and took me out. I heard your voice, you were upset.  // A day in the life of a cellphone

Oh, you came here to pick me up? Did you? Amazing, although i have complaints but i’ve got so used to being with you that i was clearly missing you. “Madam, i’m so sorry. Such a thing won’t happen again, I promise.” I felt like you would break into tears. It felt so good to see your love for me. I was in the seventh sky! How important I am to you, this is astounding. I could already imagine you taking more care of me and never taking me for granted ever again!

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“When you know it’s not allowed to bring the cellphone to the college, you should abide by the rules. Wear a watch for keeping an eye on the time. That would be safer. I forgive you this time, but you should never visit me again for any cell phone related consequence.” the lady firmly spoke. She handed me to you. I thought you would be really pleased to have me, but you quietly slipped me in your bag. Maybe you were so upset.

When we got back home, your amma-jaan was already angry for not picking her calls. You listened to her two hour speech based on”rights of parents” until she freed you to go to your room. You plugged me in. I was wondering what’s next. Today was not a good day. // A day in the life of a cellphone

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Later in the evening you were snapchatting with your homies and amma-jaan needed you in the kitchen. “Mei is phone ko aag laga dungi” (i will burn this phone) i got really scared. The fire in her voice was enough to burn me! “ amma-jaan, I’m coming. Please give me a moment” it took you an hour to stop the chat, finish the moment and go to the kitchen. I was still in your hands.

Amma jaan glanced at me and then at you with anger in her eyes. “This poor gadget has made you into a lazy woman. You think we’ve got ten servants running the errands around the house? I’m cutting the internet connection today. In the morning, you never get up on time- just because you keep scrolling all night. Your assignments are always late- because you think it’s better to take selfies and post. You’re so out of touch with your family, because you think all those in your phone are your family. Not us. I’m gonna throw all the phones out of this house!” I felt like she would literally throw me somewhere. Or maybe burn me in her stove. It was a terrible lecture. 

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You dropped me and placed me on the table. As a result of a detailed insult you didn’t touch me for another hour or so. Moms are sweet. They get back to their kind , loving motherly nature again. You picked me up later and dialed your friend’s number. It’s time for me to heat up and my battery to get drained. I thought. This is what you do with me. Use me so long that I’ve no energy left. I’m heated up. And when my system runs slow because of your mistakes and carelessness you start blaming my brand, the shopkeeper or me.

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I help you click the pictures of your notes so that you can easily bunk the class and cover the lecture. But then you start complaining the storage is too full. I help you relax and listen to the songs,I help you talk to your friends, but the very moment you are angry, you throw me away. Your friend is not the victim of the fight between you guys, but instead I’m torchered.you throw me, or press the keys too hard or simply spoil my screen with your salty tears.

What kind of loyalty is this? 

So you’re now on call with your friend, and I’m praying that amma-jaan catches you doing so. I’m running out of battery and my system is signalling me. If you wont stop then, your loss baby!

Everyday is a struggle for me. I’m happy to help you but I hate all the cruelty. And one more thing, please take care of me and don’t just hand me over to babies. They run their untidy fingers on me, a group of children fights over me and pull me too hard. I know I’m strong but I can break too. Isn’t this what you told your sister that day?

Please take care of me, and respect your amma-jaan. I’m afraid she might kick me out one day!

Your very loyal but tired, 

Smart phone.

// A day in the life of a cellphone

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