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Reportedly, on 30th January 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) as an international health emergency. 

This cluster of viruses originated from the province of Hubei in China and is now contagiously infecting various countries. 

Though the immortality rate is a minimum of 2%, COVID-19 still remains a threat, considering it comes easily to turn pandemic if a vaccine is not formulated.

Origination of COVID-19 – Corona Virus

Also known as the Wuhan virus, COVID-19 initiated from the seafood market in the city of Chinese province Hubei, called Wuhan. 

It was found to be zoonotic – transmitting from animals to humans. This virus is said to be originating from snakes. 

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Although, some believe it originated from bats, transmitted into snakes and then found its way to mankind. 

Moreover, others say it was first found in pangolins . Notably, history speaks of such viruses. 

Coronavirus comes from a family of viruses that causes severe colds, pneumonia, Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). 

Allegedly, these viruses were also transmitted from animals like cats and camels.

Symptoms and Hazards for COVID-19 – Corona Virus

There are several ways coronavirus can affect you. 

If you have been experiencing respiratory problems, or you have noticed a runny nose lately, you better get a checkup done. 

While issues with respiration are one of the primary symptoms of this virus, a cough, sore throat, runny nose, fever, and similar ailments can lead to a severe case of COVID-19. 

Also: All you need to know about Coronavirus

It is also known to be causing pneumonia amongst patients, SARS, kidney issues, organ failure, and finally, death.

Statistics for COVID-19 – Corona Virus

The novel virus has a mortality rate of 2%, that too common amongst people of age.

 The deaths of the deceased caused due to COVID-19 were, notably, found to be caused by their weak immune systems. 

Apart from aged people, this virus has caused deaths amongst children, and people who have a weaker immune system than average. 

A total of 89,081 cases of the Wuhan virus have been reported, amongst which 3,057 lead to death. 

Statistics show that there are still 40,876 active cases of the Wuhan virus, while 48,205 cases have been cured with time.

Cures and Vaccines for COVID-19 – Corona Virus

The world still remains unaware of how dangerous coronavirus can be for mankind. 

Even with consistent research, no cures and vaccines have yet been formulated to cure the affected cases. 

The only cure found yet is time, as the people that have completely healed from the Wuhan virus, healed with time. 

Although there has been little news about vaccines for COVID-19, several measures are being circulated across the globe, which can be taken to avoid contact with the virus.

Precautions for COVID-19 – Corona Virus

Some common measures that can be easily taken are listed below:

Wash your hands with soap, frequently for 20 seconds

Maintain social distance, especially from people who are sick with coughs and flu, or with people who have been to areas that are infected with the virus, recently

Practice respiratory hygiene. Keep a regular check on your respiration.

One way to observe whether your lungs are functioning properly or not is to hold breath.

If you can easily hold your breath for a minimum of 10 seconds, without coughing or choking, your lungs are healthy.

In case of fever, flu or cough, immediately seek medical help.

Wear masks to protect yourself from catching the virus.

Cough or sneeze into the crease of your arm.

Avoid skin contact.

Stay informed and follow the necessary instructions being provided.

  • A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
  • A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
  • A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
  • A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
  • A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
  • A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19

Countries affected by Convid-19 – Coronavirus

While the virus originated in Wuhan, China, the whole country had been severely affected by it.

Countries like South Korea, Iran, Italy, Japan, and Singapore have reported above 100 cases.

Governing bodies are taking necessary steps to ensure safety; steps including banning flights to and fro other countries and placing the infected in quarantine.

Recently, through Iran, COVID-19 entered Pakistan as well.

Corona Virus and Pakistan

Below 5 severe cases have yet been reported in Pakistan.
Notably, these cases got infected in Iran whilst they were on a religious pilgrimage.

As soon as the news broke, the Pakistani government braced itself for a huge quarantine. 

Luckily, the Wuhan virus is not as pervading as many people feared. But, Pakistan witnessed a sudden upsurge in the market when the first few cases were tracked. 

Masks, a piece of the necessary equipment to safeguard oneself from contracting the virus, were hoarded. 

Markets went short of masks, and those available were available at tripled prices.

Some Pakistanis believe that the government is only creating a calm environment across the country so that the economy is not stabilized. 

Rumor has it that around 400 cases have emerged since the first few reported.

The conspiracy theory behind Corona Virus

A couple of photos started circulating the internet as the Wuhan virus kept infecting lives.  These pictures were said to be pages fromThe Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz. 

The excerpt included in these pictures says:

“In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.”

A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
In actuality, this excerpt actually belongs to Sylvia Browne’s book, “End of Days”.

This excerpt predicts the use of the Wuhan virus as a biological weapon. 

While scientists refuse to accept the fact that this virus could potentially be a manmade threat, people are rebuking the facts already.

Also, as the book excerpt seems like a prophecy made ages ago, let us not forget the one show we all look up to, to provide us with predictions of the world’s events, “The Simpsons.”

A broad outlook on the “international health emergency”– COVID-19
In 1993, the episode 21 of season 4 of “The Simpsons” aired on television, indicating a contagious infection, which they referred to as “Apocalypse Meow”. 

This infection had similar symptoms like flu. 

But the ultimate hint that gives this prediction away is the snapshot of the news reporter sitting in front of the title slide, which is visible over his shoulder, and vividly says “Corona Virus”.

All in all, manmade or natural, COVID-19 can prove to be critically dangerous if a vaccine is not invented in the near future. 

Proper measures and precautions must be taken in order to prevent the virus from becoming a pandemic.

Stay safe, and stay healthy.

Staff Writer: Yusaira Asad Khan

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